Grimy Goons Dragon Paladin Wild Un'Goro Deck

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Grimy Goon Dragon Paladin is a deck that aims to take advantage of the ability to play a strong curve of powerful minions available to Dragon decks and amplify that using powerful Grimy Goon buff cards in the Paladin arsenal. The inclusion of Netherspite Historian makes the deck flexible against Control decks, while the many Taunt minions means it can also hold its own against Aggro decks.


Grimy Goons Dragon Paladin Wild Un'Goro Deck

Our deck costs 7,180 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Paladin Cards Neutral Cards
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Mana Curve



Dragon Paladin is a flexible deck that can be played in different ways to react to different matchups. It is primarily powerful at keeping up pressure against Control decks and scaling into huge threats at the end of the game, but it can also be effective as a Control deck itself against other aggressive decks.

During the early-game you should be looking to invest later into the game by buffing the cards in your hand using Smuggler's Run and Grimestreet Outfitter. Against highly aggressive decks, you may also choose to fight for the board immediately using cards such as Zombie Chow and Shielded Minibot as your deck will natural outvalue your opponent, allowing you to focus purely on survival.

Netherspite Historian is key to the flexibility of the deck and allows you a huge degree of Control over how you want your deck and hand to look against different matchups. Due to the incredible consistency of being offered 8+ Mana Dragons from this card, you do not need to include any additional late-game in your deck to be able to defeat Control.

Starting on turn 3 your development starts to become a lot stronger with Tempo tools such as Aldor Peacekeeper and Blackwing Technician. Blackwing Technician offers exceptional stats for its Mana cost, allowing you to trade into multiple minions of your opponent, helping to secure control of the board. Aldor Peacekeeper is better reserved for particular threats in the late-game or for the amazing combo that it has with Book Wyrm, but against Aggro decks it is usually best to play it on turn 3 to contest the board if you have no other strong option.

Moving into the mid-game, the deck plays out in a fairly standard Midrange fashion and your strongest play on each turn will usually just be whatever advances your board state the most. The only consideration that needs to be kept in mind at all times is ensuring that you keep at least one Dragon in hand at all times. This becomes very simple if you pick up a late-game Dragon early from a Netherspite Historian since it will sit in your hand and allow you to activate all the Dragon synergy throughout the game. However, if you did not take a huge Dragon early on, you will need to pay attention to your hand to make sure your power plays like Book Wyrm and Blackwing Corruptor are always active.

Grimestreet Enforcer is a powerful card that can often win you the game alone, in a similar fashion to Emperor Thaurissan, if it is able to remain on the board for multiple turns to trigger its buffing effect. As a result, you should try to be tactical when you play it in order to provide the maximum chance of survival, such as behind one of your Taunt minions or once its stats have been sufficiently buffed by the other cards in your deck. However, playing Grimestreet Enforcer immediately also has some merit, such as against aggressive decks or when you are in a dominant position. Playing the card in this fashion demands a response from your opponent, protecting your other minions or your life total while still providing adequate value from the buff effect.

One particular combination that deserves special attention is that of Book Wyrm and Aldor Peacekeeper. This combination can be used to kill any minion in the game efficiently, while putting two substantial minions of your own into play. Since it is a relatively expensive combo, you can also break it up over two turns. Book Wyrm, unlike Stampeding Kodo, is a targeted effect, meaning that you will always be able to neutralise your chosen target on a following turn.

As a Midrange deck, your primary strategy should be to curve out effectively. As you will most likely only be playing one powerful minion per turn you will often find it inefficient to trade into your opponent’s weaker minions and better to just attack your opponent directly to put on pressure. As attacking your opponent in this manner is your primary win condition it is especially important to ensure you are able to deal enough damage before you eventually run out of cards against decks that are able to deal with your powerful minions.


Synergies & Combinations

Aldor Peacekeeper + Book Wyrm can be used to remove any minion.


Mulligans & Matchup Specific Strategies.

This deck follows a fairly consistent Mulligan strategy in most matchups, aiming to curve out as smoothly as possible. Smuggler's Run and Grimestreet Outfitter are exceptionally powerful cards to keep allowing you to benefit from the buffing effects as early as possible.

Against Aggro you should Mulligan heavily to ensure you have a turn 1 and 2 play. Additionally, you should consider only keeping one copy of Smuggler's Run or Grimestreet Outfitter as you will need to focus on fighting for board control much sooner.

Against Control Grimestreet Enforcer can additionally be kept in the opening hand to ensure you are able to benefit from your buffing effects as soon as possible. Having it in your opening hand also allows it to benefit from Smuggler's Run or Grimestreet Outfitter, making it more resilient when it is played.

If you are keeping Netherspite Historian and Blackwing Technician in your opening hand it is also worth keeping any other Dragon to ensure you are able to fully benefit from the Battlecry effect of the cards.


Card Swaps

Blackwing Technician can be swapped for Nightbane Templar or Deathlord as alternative 3-drops.

A second copy of Blackwing Corruptor or Azure Drake can be included over Sen'jin Shieldmasta or Defender of Argus.



  • 04 Apr. 2017: Deck moved to Wild for the Journey to Un'Goro expansion. Removed 2x Worgen Infiltrator, 1x Faerie Dragon, 1x Netherspite Historian, 1x Truesilver Champion for 2x Zombie Chow, 2x Shielded Minibot, 1x Coghammer
  • 18 Jan. 2017: Deck added.
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