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Secret Paladin Archetype Guide

Last updated on Aug 10, 2017 at 21:05 by Pesty 96 comments

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Secret Paladin is a powerful archetype that takes full advantage of the power of Mysterious Challenger. As soon as Mysterious Challenger is played, the dynamic of games changes dramatically due to the power of the card. Most of the time 5 Secrets will immediately come into play which have a huge influence on the game, forcing opponents who are ahead to make inefficient plays and denying opponents who are behind any chance at making a comeback.

Secret Paladin can be played in a range of styles that take full advantage of Mysterious Challenger's power. The most common types used are Aggro decks and Midrange decks. Aggro decks aim to dominate the early-game and eventually curve into Mysterious Challenger to deal the finishing blow. Midrange variants aim to play an incredibly powerful curve of minions that is strengthened by Mysterious Challenger.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Secret Paladin, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

Wild Midrange Secret Paladin Deck is the most commonly played version of Secret Paladin. It aims to play the strongest possible minion for each Mana cost. It is able to have strong opening turns that flow well into the late-game while not being too concerned about running out of cards.

✶ Featured Deck

Wild Aggro Secret Paladin Deck

  • Guide written by Pesty and last updated on Aug 10, 2017 (KFT meta)
  • Costs 2.3k (4 basic, 15 common, 9 rare, and 2 epic)
  • Mana curve:
  • Card breakdown: 2 Weapons • 15 Spells • 13 Minions
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Paladin Cards Neutral Cards

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Wild Aggro Secret Paladin Deck is a very aggressive Secret Paladin that aims to rush down opponents. It aims to flood the board as quickly as possible to dominate the board and using Divine Favor to regain cards where necessary. Mysterious Challenger is used purely as a finisher for situations for when games go longer.

✶ Featured Deck

Wild Egg Midrange Secret Paladin Deck

  • Guide written by Pesty and last updated on Aug 10, 2017 (KFT meta)
  • Costs 6.0k (4 basic, 9 common, 12 rare, 3 epic, and 2 legendaries)
  • Mana curve:
  • Card breakdown: 1 Weapon • 12 Spells • 17 Minions
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Paladin Cards Neutral Cards

Export string: AAEBAZ8FCIwByAT6BowO6w+eENgUq8ICC/IB3AOnBfsFrwf6DeoP7Q/mEaYVyRYA (copy to clipboard)

This Wild Egg Midrange Secret Paladin Deck aims to utilise synergies between Secrets and eggs such as Dragon Egg and Nerubian Egg to gain additional value. This variant takes a slightly more aggressive approach by also using Abusive Sergeant and Defender of Argus as additional activators for the eggs present in the deck.

1. Aim of Secret Paladin

Secret Paladin aim to take advantage of the power of Mysterious Challenger. By fighting for board control up until Turn 6, Mysterious Challenger can then be used for a huge boost in tempo that can be maintained for the rest of the game to finish off opponents.

2. Secret Paladin Strengths and Weaknesses

Secret Paladin is a strong archetype that can perform well in any matchup. As with any deck built around a specific card, it is very dependent on draws. Having access to Mysterious Challenger on Turn 6 is the biggest influence on win rate.

As Secret Paladin goes through phases of being dominant on ladder, some opponents choose to use Eater of Secrets. Secret Paladin is especially weak to decks that run this card, as it is a direct counter to Mysterious Challenger.

3. Key Cards and Crafting for Secret Paladin

Mysterious Challenger is a key card for Secret Paladin as the archetype is build around taking advantage of this card, therefore two copies of the card are completely essential.

Dr. Boom and Tirion Fordring are powerful Legendary minions frequently used in Secret Paladin. It is recommended you have both of these cards however, some variants can be played without them.

Paladin Secret cards also make up a core part of the archetype and are very important to have. Avenge is by far the most important Secret and two copies are highly recommended. The other Secrets commonly used are Competitive Spirit, Noble Sacrifice, and Redemption. You should aim to have at least one copy of these Secrets, though having access to two is still preferred. To pair with these Secrets, Secretkeeper is an incredibly powerful minion frequently used. As a 1 Mana minion it will almost always offer good value, while having the potential to win games by itself if opponents are unable to deal with it before it can be buffed by multiple Secrets.

4. ChangeLog

  • 10 Aug. 2017: Added new guide format for the Secret Paladin Archetype.
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