Budget Aggro Rogue Deck - Shadows May 2019

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This guide contains detailed strategy, mulligan, and deck-building information to help you improve your Aggro Rogue play for the Rise of Shadows meta. Here, we present a Budget variation of the deck.

Aggro Rogue is a relentlessly aggressive deck that has existed since the early days of Hearthstone. By using cheap Rogue spells like Sap and Eviscerate to control the board, minions are free to push damage directly to aggressively pressure opponents.

Aggro Rogue has lost a few strong cards at the start of the year of the Dragon. However, it remains a very strong deck as it has been hurt less by the standard rotation than most other meta decks.

Card List

Rogue Cards
0 Backstab Basic 2
0 Preparation Classic 2
1 Deadly Poison Basic 2
2 Cold Blood Classic 2
2 Eviscerate Classic 2
2 Sap Basic 2
3 EVIL Miscreant RoS 2
3 SI:7 Agent Classic 2
4 Waggle Pick RoS 2
Neutral Cards
1 Argent Squire Classic 2
1 Southsea Deckhand Classic 2
4 Dread Corsair Classic 2

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Comments from Kat

Aggro Rogue can be made significantly cheaper by cutting Legendaries like Myra's Unstable Element, Leeroy Jenkins, and Edwin VanCleef. As all of these cards represent independent win conditions of the deck, there is some impact on the win rate of the deck.

To overcome the loss of some of the late-game Legendaries, additional early-game minions have been added to allow the deck to snowball out of control even faster. Additionally, Crazed Chemist has been added as an alternative source of burst damage in place of Leeroy Jenkins.

For more information on how to properly play this archetype, please refer to our Aggro/Tempo Rogue Deck List Guide.