Vitus the Exiled Monster Hunt Guide

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Vitus the Exiled is a boss found on the later levels in the Witchwood Monster Hunt.

Vitus the Exiled

Hero Power

Monstrous Aura


Vitus the Exiled is a difficult boss found on the later levels in a Monster Hunt run. The boss uses the Passive Hero Power Monstrous Aura to give a permanent boost to all minions on their side of the board. The boss uses cards that generate large number of minions such as Imp Master and Wisps of the Old Gods in combination with spells like Savage Roar and Bloodlust.



Keeping the board clear should be your number one priority. Not doing so will make you vulnerable to burst damage from Savage Roar and Bloodlust. If you are unable to fully clear the board, you should choose to kill multiple smaller minions rather than one large one to reduce the effect of these cards. It is also important to be mindful of Monstrous Aura when playing cards like Leeroy Jenkins and Muck Hunter, as any minions you spawn for your opponent will immediately receive a buff from the aura.



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