The Forlorn Lovers Monster Hunt Guide

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Forlorn Lovers is a boss found on the later levels in the Witchwood Monster Hunt.

Forlorn Lovers

Hero Power

Together Forever


Forlorn Lovers is a trick boss that can be found in the later levels of a Monster Hunt Run. The boss uses a deck designed to kill you with fatigue damage and utilises card like Naturalize, Coldlight Oracle, and Gnomeferatu. The Passive Hero Power, Together Forever, prevents the boss from being vulnerable to fatigue damage from its own card draw effects.



The fight is a race against the clock and you should aim to play cards as fast as possible before the boss forces you to draw your entire deck. As the boss plays Vanish, it is important to carefully choose the order you play minions in a turn as minions are returned to your hand in the order they are played and any minions that cannot fit in your hand will be destoryed. Where possible, you should prioritise attacking the boss as there is very little threat of dying to damage alone. The exception to this is Fal'dorei Strider and any subsequently drawn Leyline Spider. By choosing to kill these minions, you can shuffle them back into your opponents deck and decreasing the chance they draw into cards that will force you to draw through your deck.



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