Face Collector Monster Hunt Guide

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Face Collector is a boss found in the Witchwood Monster Hunt.

Face Collector

Hero Power

A New Face


Face Collector is a powerful boss that will copy your entire deck at the start of the game and use it against you. Additionally, the boss will use the A New Face Hero Power each turn to turn minions played from your deck into bigger threats.



As the boss will be using the same deck as you, the fight revolves around how you play around the A New Face Hero Power. The Hero Power is almost guaranteed to upgrade any minion it targets in addition to negating any damage it has taken when it is Transformed. To counter this you should try and keep the board clear at all times, to minimise the number of potential Transformation targets.

If you find yourself unable to clear the board, you should prioritise targets that are the best targets for A New Face. For example, a card like Doppelgangster is a 2/2 that can potentially be turned into a 7 Mana threat and should be removed immediately, whereas something like Flamewreathed Faceless is a lower priority as a 4 Mana 7/7 as it is unlikely to improve if Transformed into a 6 Mana minion.



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