Lord Godfrey Monster Hunt Guide

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Lord Godfrey is one of the unique final bosses available at the end of a Witchwood Monster Hunt while playing as the Cannoneer.

Lord Godfrey

Hero Power

Pistol Barrage


Lord Godfrey is a very positional encounter that forces you to position minions carefully around your Cannons to minimise the damage from Pistol Barrage. The boss uses a range of cards that aim to deter you from using your Fire Hero Power such as Saboteur and Grim Patron.



The fight itself is fairly straightforward and the boss does not play any strong minions other than those that are designed to counter your Cannons.

When placing minions, you should make sure you always place them on either side of your Cannon. If you only have one Cannon, then you should avoid putting two minions next to each other to avoid damage from Pistol Barrage. If your hand begins to fill and you do end up having to commit more minions to the board, you should always take into consideration any incoming damage from Pistol Barrage any never put multiple minions with 2 or less Health next to each other.



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