Captain Shivers Monster Hunt Guide

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Captain Shivers is one of the final bosses available at the end of a Witchwood Monster Hunt run.

Captain Shivers

Hero Power



Captain Shivers uses a strategy very similar to that of Kingsbane Rogue. Plunder is available at the start of each turn to allow the weapon to be consistently available. The cards used by the boss are almost entirely weapon buff cards that make the encounter increasingly difficult as time goes on.



During the first few turns, the boss will be fairly weak and will focus on playing an unbuffed Kingsbane in addition to weapon buff effects that result in a fairly slow start.

If you have a very fast deck, it is possible to rush down the boss quite easily before Kingsbane gets up to full strength. However, the high Health of the boss in addition to Leeching Poison makes it possible for the boss to stabilise very quickly if your damages falls short.

A more common strategy is to take advantage of one of two detrimental cards used by the boss. The first card, Fel Reaver, completely goes against the overall strategy of the boss. If you can save a large number of cheap cards to play while Fel Reaver is on the board and Kingsbane is back in the deck, you can quite easily burn the Kingsbane and watch the boss struggle without a primary source of damage and healing. A similar strategy can be done with Lorewalker Cho. If you have a bunch of cheap and fairly useless spells, such as Cheap Shot, it is possible to keep the boss at a full hand of cards and prevent the weapon from ever being drawn for an easy win.



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