Monster Hunt Time-Tinker Toki Guide

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This guide is designed to aid you in your Monster Hunts in The Witchwood. It goes into great detail about Treasure rewards and Card Buckets to help you make the most optimal choices when forging a deck throughout a Monster Hunt.



Time-Tinker Toki is a Monster Hunter that uses Mage cards and various neutral random effects to complement the Temporal Loop Hero Power. You will begin your Monster Hunt with a deck that consists of the following 10 cards:

Mage Cards Neutral Cards


After defeating the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th boss in a Monster Hunt run, you will get to choose 1 of 3 random powerful Treasure cards that you can add to your deck. The Treasures after the 1st and 5th boss will offer passive effects and the Treasures offered after the 3rd and 7th bosses will be powerful playable cards that you can add to your deck.

The tables below contain a list of all the possible Treasures and Passive effects available and give them a general rating as to how good they are for the Time-Tinker class. The comments give further details as to how and why the Treasures are good in addition to some of the Card Buckets that they have good synergies with.


Treasure Cards

Treasure Rating Comments
Enhance-a-matic Excellent Enhance-a-matic is an excellent tool that provides you with the ability to instantly refill your hand. It has great synergy with Khadgar's Scrying Orb and the Temporal Loop Hero Power.
Pristine Compass Excellent Pristine Compass is a great tool for providing both a boost in tempo and resources. Temporal Loop can be used to reverse the effect of the card if you do not get a desirable draw.
Bestiary Good Bestiary can be used to produce a huge burst of late-game tempo. As it uses cards from opponent's decks, it has the added benefit of frequently summoning cards that will disrupt of benefit from the strategy of a given boss.
Cartographer Good Cartographer is a very reasonable choice. The Discover effect allows you to pick a Treasure based on the state of the game, which is often more beneficial than a static choice.
Enchanting Tune Good Enchanting Tune is a good tool to have in your deck. It can easily clean up any opposing board without the risk of triggering Deathrattle effects.
Gilnean Vigilante Good Gilnean Vigilante is a great card that provides a strong mix of removal and tempo. The Coins generated by the card also have great synergy with many Mage minions that can be used by Time-Tinker.
Holy Book Good Holy Book is a great removal tool that serves a similar role to Safe Harbor.
Impetuous Companion Good Impetuous Companion provides the ability to greatly disrupt and opponent if you can empty your hand. Additionally, it can often be used to obtain unique cards that would otherwise only be usable by bosses. The Temporal Loop Hero Power can also let you use this card to look at your opponent's hand for free.
Nalaa the Redeemer Good Nalaa the Redeemer is a good defensive Treasure that can keep opponents at bay for a long time. However, it can be very vulnerable to hard removal.
Sack of Gnomes Good Sack of Gnomes is a good card that can cheaply flood the board. The Temporal Loop Hero Power can also by used to manipulate the card into providing a more favourable outcome.
Safe Harbor Good Safe Harbor is a powerful removal tool that can be used to create big swings in tempo and disrupt opponent's strategies by removing key minions from the board.
Shallow Graves Good Shallow Graves is a good tool for populating the board in the late game and is yet another Treasure that can greatly benefit from the Temporal Loop Hero Power.
Spyglass Average Spyglass is an average Treasure that can be combined with the Temporal Loop Hero Power to get additional information on your opponent's hand. It can be a great choice if combined with Khadgar's Scrying Orb.
Stroke of Midnight Good Stroke of Midnight is a solid removal tool with a lot of potential due to the Echo effect. It can be manipulated using Temporal Loop if the desired outcome is not achieved in the first attempt.
Amalgamate Average Amalgamate is a very strong board clear that leaves you with a strong minion in its wake. However, at 8 Mana the card is very clunky and your resulting minion is very vulnerable to hard removal.
Bandage Average The potential for Bandage is huge on large boards due to the temporary Windfury effect it provides. However, Time-Tinker is a spell-oriented Monster Hunter and will very rarely have a large number of minion on the board.
Beastly Beauty Average Beastly Beauty is a decent card that effectively adds a giant to the board if you are able to make a reasonable trade with the Rush effect. However, it is simply overshadowed by some of the more powerful treasures.
Brass Lantern Average Brass Lantern is a good way to generate resources without drawing through your deck. It can offer good value if you can Discover a copy of the other Treasure card in your deck; however, it lacks the boost in tempo when compared to a Treasure like Pristine Compass.
Clockwork Assistant Average Clockwork Assistant is a reasonable pick that can give you a decent minion for almost no Mana Cost. It can be played early and will continue to grow in strength if any spells are played while it is in play.
Creepy Curio Average Creepy Curio is a great card if you know you are going to draw through your deck to get additional value from Haunted Curio and Cursed Curio. However, most games will be too short for this to be the case.
Gentleman's Top Hat Average Gentleman's Top Hat is a situational buff that can provide immense value when used on full boards. However, this will very rarely happen due to the small number of minions used by Time-Tinker.
Gilnean Tracker Average Gilnean Tracker is a risky card that can offer huge benefits, transforming into Transforming Tracker after 1 turn and Worgen Tracker after 2.
Hallowed Water Average Hallowed Water should primarily be considered for its card draw effect that can be used to generate additional fuel for more aggressive decks.
Murloc Holmes Average Murloc Holmes is a good early-game card with strong stats and the ability to generate a small card advantage, but in general it does not a powerful game-changing effect that you would expect from a Treasure card.
Puzzle Box Average Puzzle Box can be a very strong card if you are very in control of the board. It can make good use of the Temporal Loop Hero Power if you end up with a poor outcome from the random effect.
Scythe Average Scythe is a decent Treasure that has the potential to offer huge value over an extended period of time. As you will take significant damage attacking minions to boost the strength of the weapon, it pairs excellently with Potion of Vitality.
Sneak Attack Average Sneak Attack is a very situational Treasure that can offer great value if you can manipulate your hand to only contain powerful minions. It can be very strong if you are using a strategy that uses many copies of the Legends card bucket.
Surly Mob Average Surly Mob has the potential to provide good value in long games. However, most of the time games, will not go long enough for you to draw into Angry Mob and Crazed Mob.
Blood Moon Bad Blood Moon is a very poor Treasure that is heavily reliant on having a wide board. It is a worse choice than Old Militia Horn for buffing and Hallowed Water for healing.
Chaos Theory Bad Chaos Theory is a Treasure that exists for fun purposes. The card is far too random to ever be able to offer consistent value.
Coin Pouch Bad Coin Pouch takes a long time to offer any real value and is never worth choosing.
Gattling Gunner Bad The effect of Gattling Gunner can be strong. However, the stats of the minion itself are far too weak and it is very unlikely to survive long enough for it ever to be a good Treasure choice.
Grave Mistake Bad There is not a strong selection of Deathrattle minions available to Time-Tinker to ever make Grave Mistake a strong choice.
Murloc Infestation Bad Murloc Infestation is a niche Treasure that requires a full board in order to use and unless you specifically have a deck that focuses on flooding the board, it will not be able to reach its potential.
Old Militia Horn Bad Old Militia Horn is quite a slow card and there are not enough minions used in Time-Tinker to gain a huge advantage from it.
Plague of Murlocs Bad Plague of Murlocs is heavily dependent on having a wide board, which will almost never be the case with Time-Tinker.
Ricochet Shot Bad Ricochet Shot offers a huge amount of damage in a single card. However, the randomness of the effect means it will often do as much harm as good. It should only be picked as a fun choice if you are indifferent about successfully completing a run.
Royal Gift Bad Royal Gift is an expensive Treasure that requires a full board to offer good value, which is highly unlikely with Time-Tinker.

Passive Treasures

Treasure Rating Comments
Crystal Gem Excellent Crystal Gem provides a strong boost in early-game tempo, allowing you to explode onto the board faster, which is great for any deck.
Double Time Excellent Double Time is an excellent tempo tool that benefits from the large number of spells used by Time-Tinker. Although the targets may be random, Temporal Loop can be used to undo any poor outcomes.
Robe of the Magi Excellent Robe of the Magi is an excellent Treasure that complements the large number of spells used by Time-Tinker.
Entrenchment Good Entrenchment is a good all-round Treasure. The boost in Health makes it significantly easier for any of your minions to stick to the board and makes it much easier to control.
Khadgar's Scrying Orb Good Khadgar's Scrying Orb provides a good boost in tempo due to the large number of spells used by Time-Tinker. It also has good synergy with many other Treasures, such as Enhance-a-matic and Spyglass.
Small Backpacks Good Small Backpacks provides you with a boost in card advantage from the beginning of the game. The additional cards can help you play any deck more effectively due to the additional options available.
Expedite Average Expedite provides a good boost in tempo, but as it only affects minion it is generally weaker than Crystal Gem.
First Aid Kit Average First Aid Kit may seem good, but it struggles to offer consistent value and it pales in comparison to other Treasures.
Glyph of Warding Average Glyph of Warding is very mediocre in general and causes a minor slow for bosses. However, it can be very powerful if you happen to encounter a boss that uses Echo effects.
Caltrops Bad Caltrops is a deceptive Treasure that may seem good, but it offers very little value against the later bosses that consistently play big minions.
Potion of Vitality Bad Potion of Vitality is a poor Treasure that offers no value. If you find yourself needing this Treasure to survive bosses, it is generally indicative of other weaknesses within your deck.
Rewind Bad Rewind is a self-fulfilling prophecy. A second chance at a boss may seem strong, but the lack of a consistent Passive Treasure also makes you much more likely to fail in the first place.
Scepter of Summoning Bad Scepter of Summoning struggles to offer much value unless you are able to consistently pick up Legendary card buckets.

Card Buckets

After you defeat each boss, you will be offered a choice of 3 different card buckets that you can add to your deck. Each bucket contains 3 cards that fit a certain theme and will help shape your deck in different ways.

The table below contains a list of all the possible Time-Tinker card buckets and gives a general rating as to how good each card bucket is on average. The comments section contains further details of each bucket and when to choose them.

Bucket Rating Comments
Magical Friends Excellent Magical Friends provides all of the core Mage minions with spell synergies, such as Mana Wyrm, Sorcerer's Apprentice, and Archmage Antonidas. Due to the high power level of all of these minions, it is good to pick up multiple Magical Friends card buckets for any deck.
Wild Magic Excellent Wild Magic contains a range of randomly targeted damage spells such as Arcane Missiles, Greater Arcane Missiles, and Flamecannon. The Temporal Loop Hero Power makes this bucket a great choices are you can use it to extract high value from the random targets.
BOOM! Good BOOM! contains all of the expensive Mage spells such as Pyroblast, Meteor, and Flamestrike. It is often good to pick up at least one copy of this bucket for some late-game control.
Chaos Good Chaos contains all of the Mage spell generation effects such as Cabalist's Tome and Primordial Glyph. It is a reasonable strong bucket as poor results can always be undone using Temporal Loop. It is especially strong when used in combination with Khadgar's Scrying Orb.
Elementalist Average Elementalist can potentially be a strong card bucket. However, as it relies heavily on tribal synergies it must be picked consistent to offer good value.
Erratic Creatures Average Erratic Creatures contains a range of creatures that have random effects and includes many Discover and Adapt minions. This bucket has a lot of poor choices, but will occasionally offer good minions like Spellslinger or Stonehill Defender.
Knowledge Average Knowledge mostly offers card draw effects such as Arcane Intellect and Book of Specters. The bucket is very situational and can be avoided most of the time, but may be worth picking up if you have a fast deck prone to running out of resources.
Legends Average Legends contains most of the extremely powerful minions in the game. A copy of this bucket can be picked up to provide some late-game strength. You should look out for key minions such as The Lich King and Ragnaros the Firelord. Additionally, if you pick up Scepter of Summoning you can freely pick this card bucket as often as possible.
Mechanical Average Mechanical is another tribal card bucket that greatly benefits from being picked as frequently as possible. In more balanced decks, there are still some strong choices such as Piloted Shredder, Piloted Sky Golem, and Sneed's Old Shredder that can be picked up from this bucket.
Frosty Bad The Frosty card bucket contains all Mage Freezing spells. There are a lot of poor choices this bucket can offer, such as Frost Nova and Shatter. Due to the consistent poor choices, this will almost never be the correct card bucket to pick.
Lost Secrets Bad Most Mage Secrets are very underwhelming on their own, which makes this quite a poor card bucket. However, it can sometimes be picked if strong minions like Mad Scientist or Arcanologist are offered alongside good Secrets like Mirror Entity or Counterspell.


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