Glinda Crowskin Monster Hunt Guide

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Glinda Crowskin is one of the final bosses available at the end of a Witchwood Monster Hunt run.

Glinda Crowskin

Hero Power

False Heart


Glinda Crowskin is one of the hardest bosses in Monster Hunt and forces long drawn-out games. The passive Hero Power, False Heart, forces you to play a control game in order to have any chance of damaging the boss. The boss uses a very sticky token deck to utilise the passive Hero Power in addition to the special cards Crowskin Pact and Crowskin Faithful.



Against Glinda, you need to play a control strategy and stay on top of the board at all times. This can be done by flooding the board or through tactical use of spells. When flooding the board, it is important to hold back a lot of resources, as the boss will play cards like DOOM!, Abyssal Enforcer, and Crowskin Pact.

The combination of False Heart and sticky minions in the deck means that killing the boss with fatigue damage is almost always the only way. Despite the boss shuffling Crowskin Faithful back into their deck, the additional card draw effect negates most of the benefit of the shuffle effect. The boss also plays two key cards that greatly aid a fatigue strategy, DOOM! and Cult Master. When the boss plays Cult Master, you should try to avoid killing it at all costs. While it is in play, you can use it to exploit cards like Splitting Festeroot to force the boss to overdraw a large number of cards, including Crowskin Faithfuls. Once the boss is out of cards, you can kill any remaining Crowskin Faithfuls to remove the immunity of the boss and use any damage your have available in combination with fatigue damage to finish the job.



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