Basic Nefarian and Onyxia Mage Deck (Normal Mode)

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This deck can be used to defeat Nefarian on Normal mode and contains only Basic cards. The key to defeating this boss is correctly managing your cards throughout the various transformation phases, but following the outlined strategy will lead to an easy victory.

Card List

Mage Cards
2 Frostbolt Legacy 2
3 Arcane Intellect Legacy 2
4 Fireball Legacy 2
4 Polymorph Legacy 2
4 Water Elemental Legacy 2
7 Flamestrike Legacy 1
Neutral Cards
1 Elven Archer Legacy 2
2 Acidic Swamp Ooze Legacy 2
2 River Crocolisk Legacy 2
3 Ironforge Rifleman Legacy 2
4 Chillwind Yeti Legacy 2
4 Sen'jin Shieldmasta Legacy 2
5 Frostwolf Warlord Legacy 1
6 Boulderfist Ogre Legacy 2
7 Stormwind Champion Legacy 2

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This deck is a fairly straightforward value based Mage deck with a few key additions. Firstly the addition of Elven Archers and Ironforge Rifleman can be used to keep Nefarian's Hero Power token minions under control, secondly, Acidic Swamp Ooze is crucial for a key moment in the battle.

The important strategic points in this battle are the transformation phases that Nefarian goes through. Firstly, when you remove his armor, he will summon Onyxia to take his place temporarily. Onyxia starts with a powerful weapon equipped, so it is best to stall out the fight until you have an Acidic Swamp Ooze in your hand before activating this transformation.

Secondly, it is important during the Onyxia phase to not overcommit to the board and simply defeat Onyxia with the minimum number of minions possible. The reason for this is that after Onyxia has been defeated, your board will be wiped of all minions, requiring you to start from scratch. By holdling back powerful minions in your hand, you are able to refil the board immediately after it is cleared, allowing you to keep up the momentum.