Low-Budget Baron Geddon Freeze Mage Deck (Heroic Mode)

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This deck can be used to easily defeat Heroic-mode Baron Geddon in Blackrock Mountain. At a cost of 3,260, it is based on the Freeze Mage archetype, to control and clear the board, while waiting to drop low on health to drop your Molten Giants and duplicate them with Echo of Medivh.

Card List

Mage Cards
2 Frostbolt Legacy 2
2 Unstable Portal GvG 2
3 Arcane Intellect Legacy 2
3 Counterspell Legacy 2
3 Ice Block Legacy 2
4 Echo of Medivh GvG 2
4 Fireball Legacy 2
6 Blizzard Legacy 1
7 Flamestrike Legacy 2
Neutral Cards
2 Novice Engineer Legacy 2
2 Youthful Brewmaster Legacy 2
3 Acolyte of Pain Legacy 2
4 Spellbreaker Legacy 1
5 Antique Healbot GvG 2
20 Molten Giant Legacy 2

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This deck is built around a Freeze Mage shell, with the eventual goal being to get multiple 0-Mana Molten Giants into play using Echo of Medivh, and defeat your opponent in a couple of strong turns.

The deck plays no 1-mana cards, meaning you will always take the 10 damage from Baron Geddon's Hero Power on his first turn, this is beneficial to you, as you want to be able to play your Molten Giants cheaply. In your Mulligans, you should look for Frostbolt as a priority, as his Turn 1 play will usually be Flame Imp, meaning you can spend your 2 Mana effectively on your second turn. Mad Scientist is also important to get early, as it allows you to get a Secret into play without having to fit it into your Mana.

The general flow of the game will be Baron Geddon playing minions, and you trying to answer them while drawing as many cards as you can fit into your curve. Eventually, if you are able to make it to turn 7 with Flamestrike in your hand, you should start to feel the game swinging in your favour. Eventually, you will want to have your health lowered to 10 or less, and then play both of your Molten Giants, Echo of Medivh, and then replay the extra Molten Giants. From here, if you have an Ice Block in play, you should have all the time in the world to kill the opponent before they are able to break through your defences.

The other important part of the Baron Geddon fight is Living Bomb. This card can easily decimate your entire gameplan if left unchecked, so this deck plays two Counterspells to stop the spell being cast altogether, and then two Youthful Brewmasters and one Spellbreaker to nullify the effect after it has been cast. Once you are able to deal with this card effectively, the fight becomes a lot more straightforward.

It should also be noted that the Youthful Brewmasters are excellent tools for spending your full Mana allotment, as they can be used to replay a minion if needed.