Cheap Rend Blackhand Priest Deck (Heroic Mode)

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This deck can be used to defeat Rend Blackhand on Heroic Mode. The goal of the deck is to create an immense wall by buffing a Taunt minion to the point that he can no longer punch through. To facilitate this, the deck plays numerous AoE and stalling mechanisms to allow you enough time to gather all the resources needed.

Card List

Priest Cards
0 Circle of Healing Legacy 2
1 Inner Fire Legacy 2
1 Northshire Cleric Legacy 2
1 Power Word: Shield Legacy 2
2 Divine Spirit Legacy 2
2 Shadow Word: Death Legacy 2
4 Auchenai Soulpriest Legacy 2
4 Holy Nova Legacy 2
6 Cabal Shadow Priest Legacy 2
6 Lightbomb GvG 2
10 Mind Control Legacy 1
Neutral Cards
2 Wild Pyromancer Legacy 2
4 Mogu'shan Warden Legacy 1

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The key to this deck is creating an extremely large taunt minion using Deathlord or Mogu'shan Warden in combination with Divine Spirit and Inner Fire. Since Rend Blackhand does not have particularly good removal aside from The True Warchief, which can only target Legendary minions, he will be forced to keep running his entire board into your Taunt minion each turn, while you are able to quickly hit him directly a few times for an easy win.

Mulligan extremely hard for Zombie Chow. Playing a 1 Mana minion seems to drastically reduce the frequency that Rend uses The Coin to activate his Hero Power on Turn 1. If you are able to get a Chow down early, this will often buy you enough time to stall until turns 5+, when your powerful Priest board clears come into play.

Although getting the Deathlord into play early and quickly buffing it is obviously ideal, this deck does not require a dream hand to achieve victory. If you do not get the Deathlord early enough, you have plenty of stalling power with your removal cards, as well as card draw with Northshire Cleric to be able to stall the game until you draw the required pieces.