Basic General Drakkisath Shaman Deck (Normal Mode)

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This deck can be used to defeat General Drakkisath on Normal Mode. It contains only Basic cards and is focused on playing the largest minion possible with your 1 Mana each turn. Although without access to the rarer cards, your choice of large minions is quite limited, there is still more than enough power in the deck to be able to complete the challenge.

Card List

Shaman Cards
4 Hex Legacy 2
4 Windspeaker Legacy 2
6 Fire Elemental Legacy 2
Neutral Cards
4 Chillwind Yeti Legacy 2
4 Sen'jin Shieldmasta Legacy 2
5 Booty Bay Bodyguard Legacy 2
5 Frostwolf Warlord Legacy 2
5 Gurubashi Berserker Legacy 2
6 Archmage Legacy 2
6 Boulderfist Ogre Legacy 2
6 Lord of the Arena Legacy 2
6 Reckless Rocketeer Legacy 2
7 Core Hound Legacy 2
7 Stormwind Champion Legacy 2
7 War Golem Legacy 2

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Defeating General Drakkisath with a Basic deck can be quite challenging due to the nature of the fight. The boss' deck is packed with high cost cards, and without access to various Commons, Rares, and Legendaries, the fight can seem quite unfair. However, by using Shaman, you have a couple of key cards on your side that can swing the game in your favour.

Firstly, Hex is a great answer to any minion the Boss plays. Since you always play the first minion in the fight, casting Hex on their minion will allow you to keep initiative. Secondly, Windspeaker can be used to create a huge amount of damage to Drakkisath once you have got him low, or to create a 2-for-1 situation with a high health minion like Boulderfist Ogre to keep you ahead on the board.

Mulligan for as powerful an opening hand as possible. It may take you a few attempts, but this fight is very possible.