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Evolve Shaman (AKA Token Shaman) Deck List Guide

Last updated on Aug 13, 2017 at 14:00 by L0rinda 14 comments

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Evolve Shaman was a fringe deck before the release of Journey to Un'Goro, but was overshadowed by the other very powerful Shaman decks that were available at that time. At its core, the archetype takes cards that can be played for less than their printed Mana cost, and uses Evolve to reap the benefits of those cards. For example, previous versions contained Nerubian Prophet as a card that has a stated Mana cost of six, but is often played for a lot less. Thing from Below is another card of this nature. The card that really makes this archetype strong, however, is Doppelgangster. All three of the Doppelgangster tokens cost five Mana, which means that the Evolve can turn them into eighteen Mana worth of minions in one go.

The deck is a powerful one. Against Control it has the ability to not only generate a menacing board due to the presence of Bloodlust, but also has the often game-winning combination of Doppelgangster and Evolve. The ongoing threat of wide boards can eat up enemy removal, and allow the combo to finish the job unchallenged. Against more aggressive opponents, the deck is capable of fighting for the early board using its wide options in conjunction with Flametongue Totem. If it comes out of the early game roughly even against Aggro, then it should be able to close out the game with the combo.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Evolve Shaman, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

This Un'Goro Evolve Shaman Deck is balanced to work in any metagame. It contains many early game minions with which to build a board, and Bloodlust to use that board to its full potential. This is the best starting point for anyone new to the archetype and, although it has complicated interactions and many mistakes can be made, the deck can still be piloted well enough by beginners to get good results.

Toast's Evolve Shaman Deck makes use of Thrall, Deathseer and Rattling Rascal from Knights of the Frozen Throne. The extra Evolve effect, as well as the extra minions to evolve means that this variant of the deck is very consistent, and also capable of being very aggressive.

✶ Featured Deck

Rdu's Evolve Shaman Deck

  • Guide written by L0rinda and last updated on Jul 12, 2017 (Un'Goro meta)
  • Costs 5.1k (4 basic,4 expert,19 rare, and 3 legendaries)
  • Mana curve:
  • Card breakdown: 2 Weapons • 10 Spells • 18 Minions
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This is RDU and Hoej's take on Evolve Shaman. They made a minor change from the standard deck for his lineup for the Spring HCT Championships in Shanghai. Barnes was added, which provides more overall synergy from the featured build, at the cost of an important taunt against aggressive lineups. This means that Rdu's Evolve Shaman Deck is more comfortable against Control decks than usual.

Control Evolve Shaman Deck works differently to the featured build in that it uses traditional Shaman spells to gain board control instead of minions. It is a variant of the deck that has been around for some time now, but is still a viable change of pace for people who want to try something a little different.

The Sea Giant Evolve Shaman Deck version of the featured build adds Sea Giants for the mirror match. Most Evolve Shaman decks are not playing hard removal, and are making wide boards. This means that in the mirror, Sea Giant is the perfect mix of being easy to cast, and hard to remove!

1. Aim of the Deck

The primary goal of Evolve Shaman is to be able to win through the two card combo of Doppelgangster and Evolve. This combination of cards generates three random 6-drops, which is usually enough to overpower most decks when cast.

The rest of the deck revolves around survival. Jade minions are very good at presenting multiple threats, as are Primalfin Totem and Fire Fly. These threats simply have to be dealt with due to the ongoing threat of Bloodlust and Flametongue Totem, and opponents often run out of ways to deal with all of the issues presented. Other versions of the deck can survive by using the strong removal available to Shaman to keep the board clear, before also winning with the combo.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses

Evolve Shaman is very strong against aggressive decks, as it usually wins the fight for the board. Having multiple minions, as well as Flametongue Totem, is usually too much for opposing aggressive decks to deal with. After those decks have run out of steam, the combo will finish the game in very quick time. There is also a strong chance of getting a Taunt minion after evolving, in case of emergency.

The deck can be weak against some control decks. Taunt Warrior and most Mage decks are able to deal with multiple boards quite easily, and can save their big removal for the combo. The deck can still compete with those decks due to the threat of the Hero Power, but it will often be unfavoured in such matchups.

3. Key Cards and Crafting

There are two main Legendaries associated with the deck. Aya Blackpaw and Patches the Pirate. Patches is a particularly strong card as it can be generated from Bloodsail Corsair in such a way that it can attack for 3 damage by appearing next to a Flametongue Totem. Without Patches, your win rate will take a big hit. Aya is also a key card in the deck, offering a large threat which is difficult to deal with. With that being said, either card can be replaced with a Jade Spirit if you want to test the deck before crafting those two cards. Both Aya and Patches are used in multiple other decks however, and so the crafts should not be wasted ones if you do decide to go that route.

Bloodmage Thalnos is in one of the builds, and is definitely non-essential.

The only Epic in the main deck, or in the variations at this time is Sea Giant. If you do not own Sea Giants, then it is fine to play a variant without them. When combined with the fact that the two main Legendaries are useful in multiple decks, this can be considered a good deck to learn for players with limited budgets.

4. ChangeLog

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  • 07 Jul. 2017: Added new guide format for the Evolve Shaman Archetype.
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