Wall Priest Deck List Guide - Saviors of Uldum September 2019

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Wall Priest in the Saviors of Uldum expansion.

Wall Priest is a Control archetype that uses a large number of resilient Taunt minions and combines it with powerful Resurrect effects like Catrina Muerte and Mass Resurrection to create an impassable "Wall" of minions to out-value opponents.

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Wall Priest Mulligan Guide

Wall Priest is a defensive deck that aims to lock opponents out of the game. However, it is very lacking in card draw so it is important to mulligan for good early and mid-game cards to ensure you do not get rushed down.

Wall Priest Strategy

Wall Priest is a form of Control Priest that aims to create huge walls of Taunt minions that opponents are unable to get past. You should play any large Taunt minions available to slow down opponents before resurrecting them in the late game using Catrina Muerte and Mass Resurrection. Additionally, having Archmage Vargoth die earlier in the game can also be extremely powerful and allow you to double-cast Mass Resurrection if Vargoth is resurrected. The deck additionally makes use of Reborn effects like Psychopomp and Khartut Defender as an additional line of defence to eventually win games by running opponents out of resources.

Against Aggro, your aim is to build the biggest wall of minions possible. Sticking a small number of Taunt minions to the board is often enough to win the game as they will require large number of cards from Aggro decks to remove. With multiple Taunt minions in place, you should make liberal use of healing from Khartut Defender, Zilliax and Lesser Heal to ensure you do not lose to combinations of direct-damage spells that bypass your Taunt minions.

Against Control, you will need to extract maximum value from your deck in order to win. As your deck does not possess the capacity to deal large amounts of damage per turn, you should do your best to prepare for a long game. Spirit of the Dead is the key to this and having multiple copies of the minion in play will allow you to repopulate your deck with strong minions and also greatly increase the time it takes to reach fatigue damage.

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  • 01 Sep. 2019: Guide has been completely overhauled for a control-based win condition.
  • 06 Aug. 2019: Deck has been updated for the Saviors of Uldum expansion. Removed 1x Hench-Clan Shadequill, 1x Shadow Word:Pain for 2x Penance.
  • 01 Jul. 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the July card rotation.
  • 05 Jun. 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the June balance patch.
  • 01 May 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the May play season.
  • 14 Apr. 2019: Deck has been completely overhauled for the Rise of Shadows expansion.
  • 05 Mar. 2019: Deck added.
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