Wild Big Priest Deck

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This Big Priest variant is built for the Wild format. It is much more powerful than Standard variants and is more powerful in all aspects, as it has access to more powerful cards such as Lightbomb, Ragnaros the Firelord, and Resurrect.


Wild Big Priest Card List

This deck costs 10,840 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Priest Cards Neutral Cards
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Wild Big Priest Mana Curve


Wild Big Priest Comments On The Variation

This variant is a much more powerful version of Standard Big Priest and has a very similar playstyle.

This variant has access to much more powerful board clear effects such as Lightbomb and Excavated Evil to help control the board.

Ragnaros the Firelord is included to the deck as an additional Big minion. Due to the effect of the card, it is extremely powerful when summoned from Barnes or Shadow Essence as it will always deal 8 damage regardless of its stats.

The final difference is the addition of the Resurrect spell. Resurrect is a much cheaper tool than Eternal Servitude, however it comes with the drawback of not offering the choice of which minion to summon. You should keep this in mind if you have Resurrect in hand by preventing any non-Big minion, such as Barnes, from dying on your side of the board. If used successfully, the low Mana cost of Resurrect can easily create an overwhelming board for swift victories.


Wild Big Priest Pros and Cons

The additional tools of the Wild format makes the this variant much more potent than Standard variants, this comes with no drawback other than having to compete against other powerful Wild decks.


Wild Big Priest Quick Mulligan Guide

You should primarily be looking for Barnes in your opening hand in all matchups. You should also keep a single copy of Shadow Visions in your opening hand.

If you already have Barnes in your hand, you can additionally look for Resurrect to allow you to begin summoning powerful minions as early as possible.

Against Aggro, you should keep Shadow Word: Pain to ensure you do not get overwhelmed in the early game.

Against Control, you can additionally keep Shadow Essence to aid you in pulling out your big minions faster.



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