Aggro Paladin Archetype Guide

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Aggro Paladin is an old archetype that has fallen in and out of the meta game since the beginning of Hearthstone. It aims to play as fast and aggressively as possible to get an empty hand so that it can be quickly refilled using Divine Favor. The initial aggression is usually manageable for most decks, however, second round cards from Divine Favor is often incredibly potent after opponents have wasted most of their removal tools on the initial onslaught.

There are some core minions played in most Aggro Paladin decks such as Hydrologist and Righteous Protector. However, there are multiple approaches that can be taken to Aggro Paladin and the minions used play a large role in that. Some variants prefer all out aggression by using many charge minions in combination with spells like Blessing of Might while others prefer slightly slower and more resilient minions with Divine Shields to take advantage of Blessing of Kings. Additionally, strategies using Murlocs are also very powerful, taking advantage of the early board presence from Vilefin Inquisitor.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Aggro Paladin, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

This Aggro Paladin Standard Deck relies on using a combination of cheap Divine Shield and Charge minions to dominate the board and put heavy pressure onto opponents, eventually curving into big threats like Bittertide Hydra and Leeroy Jenkins to finish them off.

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Budget Aggro Paladin Deck

  • Guide written by Kat and last updated on Apr 12, 2018 (WW meta)
  • Costs 3.0k (3 basic, 15 common, 8 rare, and 4 epic)
  • Mana curve:
  • Card breakdown: 3 Weapons • 8 Spells • 19 Minions
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Budget Aggro Paladin Deck is a cheap version of Aggro Paladin. It is based off of a full budget Aggro Paladin variant, however it cuts some of the more expensive minions to be more accessible for players with a smaller collection of cards.


Aim of Aggro Paladin

Aggro Paladin aims to get onto the board as fast as possible to start pressuring opponents. Despite being a very aggressive archetype, it is important to make value trades to maintain board control for as long as possible as there are very few direct damage options available for Paladins. However, as opponents will be slowly able to regain board control, it is important to not make too many trades in order enough damage can be achieved to kill opponents before board control is lost.


Aggro Paladin Strengths and Weaknesses

Aggro Paladin uses many resilient minions, such as those with Divine Shields, which makes it particularly strong at fighting for early board control against other Aggro decks.

As Aggro Paladin relies almost purely on repeated minion damage to kill opponents , there is no hard limit on the amount of damage possible, which greatly decreases the value of opponent's healing effects. Conversely, the dependency on minion damage also makes Aggro Paladin particularly weak against Taunt minions and board clear effects which can slow down the aggression, often to a point that there is not enough damage available to finish the game.


Aggro Paladin Key Cards and Crafting

Divine Favor is an essential card for Aggro Paladin, the card draw effect has excellent synergy with the large number of cheap minions played and is consistently used across all Aggro Paladin variants.

Patches the Pirate and Finja, the Flying Star are two powerful Legendary minions used within Aggro Paladin, depending on how a variant is built either one or bother of these minions is used.

In Murloc variants, Murloc Warleader, Vilefin Inquisitor, and Gentle Megasaur are all essential key Epic cards that are all essential to success. In non-Murloc variants Bittertide Hydra is a very powerful option to add a huge boost in power to finish off opponents in the mid-game.



  • 11 Aug. 2017: Replaced Argent Squire with Righteous Protetor as featured card.
  • 06 Aug. 2017: Added new guide format for the Aggro Paladin Archetype.
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