Mine Cart Rush Guide for The League of Explorers

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The Mine Cart Rush is the second boss encounter in Uldaman, the second wing of The League of Explorers. In this guide, you will learn how to use the pre-made deck to defeat the Mine Cart Rush in both Normal and Heroic modes.

Mine Cart Rush Normal Mine Cart Rush Heroic

Health, Hero Power, Cards, Etc.

Normal Heroic
Health None None
Hero Power Flee the Mine! spawns 2 random minions on the Mine Cart Rush board from among the following 3 minions.
  • Chasing Trogg
  • Debris
  • Earthen Pursuer
  • Lumbering Golem
On Heroic mode, Flee the Mine! does not spawn Debris.
Your Deck
  • 6x Mechanical Parrot
  • 6x Spiked Decoy
  • 5x Consult Brann
  • 4x Boom!
  • 3x Barrel Forward
  • 3x Repairs
  • 3x Dynamite

Strategy and Deck Building

The Mine Cart Rush is a themed Escape encounter, similar to the Temple Escape from the first week of League of Explorers. Unlike Temple Escape, however, in Mine Cart Rush, your deck is pre-built for you and contains various different 1-Mana spells in order to help you survive the fight.

On each turn, your opponent will summon 2 minions onto the board, ranging from a 0/3 taunt, to a 6/6. Your goal is to destroy and delay these minions for 10 turns in order to escape the Mine Shaft. To do this, you need to learn to ration out your cards correctly against what the opponent summons. Your 10 damage removal spell should be reserved for the opponent's 6/6 minion, and your 3 damage AoE, which is probably the most valuable card overall, should be held until you have had some of your minions soften up the board. The 3/6 Taunt minions are excellent for doing this.

Resist the temptation to simply use the healing spell to gain life if you have better options available, as this will do nothing to address the board in the long term and will simply lead to you taking more damage over time. The best use of the healing is to survive the last few turns when you think you have the game wrapped up, or simply when you have nothing else to do.

On Heroic mode, the fight is almost identical. The opponent starts with one extra minion in play, and the 0/3 has been removed from the pool of minions he can summon, but the strategy remains almost identical.

There is a large element of luck involved in clearing this fight, and there are some setups you will never be able to defeat. For example, if the boss summons several 6/6 minions and you never draw a card draw spell, you will never be able to keep up. However, keep trying and eventually the boss will fall.