Secret Paladin Deck List Guide (Rise of Shadows June 2019)

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General Information

This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Secret Paladin in The Rise of Shadows expansion.

Secret Paladin is a deck has moved in an out of several meta games throughout Hearthstone's history. It uses Paladin's cheap Secrets as a way to empower Secret synergy cards, like Secretkeeper, to create explosive openers while relying on the Secrets themselves to offers a layer of protection for any minions played.

1. Secret Paladin Card List

This Secret Paladin deck costs 8,840 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Paladin Cards Neutral Cards
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2. Secret Paladin Mana Curve


3. Secret Paladin Mulligan Guide

The sheer number of Secrets present in Secret Paladin makes in incredibly likely that you will draw into Secrets in your opening hand. Because of this, you should mulligan for everything else you need in the early game and simply assume you will draw Secrets when needed.

4. Secret Paladin Strategy

Secret Paladin is an aggressive deck and as such you should try to curve out as aggressively as possible. Minions like Secretkeeper and Sunreaver Spy should be prioritised, using whatever necessary to empower them. With a solid board in place, Secrets can be continually be played with Bellringer Sentry and Masked Contender to help protect your minions. With Secrets in play, your minions should be safe to attack your opponent directly for a swift victory.

Against Aggro, you should make full use of your weapons, Truesilver Champion and Mysterious Blade, to control the board. You can additionally use your early minions to take any value trades available for a great control of the board. However, you should avoid any trades that will result in a loss of minions and focus the damage on your opponent directly before you inevitably run out of cards.

Against Control, your early-game aggression will often be shut down, so it is important to get the maximum value by pulling Secrets from your deck using Masked Contender, Bellringer Sentry, and Subject 9. Not only will these cards give you extra cards to work with, but they will dramatically improve the value of your draws by thinning your deck. With fewer Secrets clogging up your draws, you should be able to be continually aggressive and repopulate the board several times to rush down your opponent.

5. Secret Paladin Card Swaps

6. Changelog

  • 05 Jun. 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the June balance patch.
  • 01 May 2019: Deck has been moved to the fun category for the May play season.
  • 08 Apr. 2019: Deck added.
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