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Tom60229's World Championship Tempo Rogue Deck

Last updated on Jan 25, 2018 at 10:14 by Pesty 24 comments

Table of Contents

This Tempo Rogue deck was used by Tom60229 in his lineup to tin the 2017 Hearthstone World Championship. It has has additional late-game strength from The Lich King to gain an edge over slower decks.

1. Tom60229's Tempo Rogue Card List

This deck costs 11,300 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Rogue Cards Neutral Cards

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2. Tom60229's Tempo Rogue Mana Curve


3. Comments On Tom60229's Tempo Rogue

This Tempo Rogue variant created by Tom60229 is very straightforward is mostly comprised of the same cards found in other high-ranking Tempo Rogue decks.

The most notable difference in this variant is the addition of The Lich King. This change adds more late-game strength to help deal with slower decks such as Jade Druid, Highlander Priest, and Cubelock.

4. Tom60229's Tempo Rogue Pros and Cons

This variant is slightly better positioned to beat the slower decks in the meta with the addition of The Lich King. However, it is often a dead card against other Aggro decks such as Aggro Druid, Secret Mage, and AggroPaladin.

5. Tom60229's Tempo Rogue Quick Mulligan Guide

You should always look to keep Corridor Creepers and Prince Keleseth in your opening hand. If you already have Prince Keleseth in hand then Shadowstep can also be kept for incredibly powerful openers.

Against Aggro decks Backstab can also be kept to ensure you can gain control of the board in the early-game.

6. About the Author

This deck is presented to you by Pesty, a professional Hearthstone player playing since closed beta. She is a consistent legend player in both Wild and Standard with multiple high-rank finishes.

7. ChangeLog

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  • 25 Jan. 2018: Variant added.
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