Wild Malygos Rogue Deck List Guide - Rastakhan's Rumble March 2019

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Thanks to two Deathrattle cards from The Boomsday Project, Necrium Vial and Necrium Blade, a new Rogue OTK exists with Kobold Illusionist and Malygos. Originally designed by Dog, this version of Malygos Rogue plays only 4 minions, a deck-building decision which makes it easy to draw your critical combo pieces off a single copy of Elven Minstrel. Wild Malygos Rogue runs a surprisingly high number of effective defensive tools which can buy time until the OTK is assembled, including Evasion, Vanish, and Valeera the Hollow.

This guide contains detailed strategy, mulligan, and deck-building information to help you improve your Malygos Rogue play for The Rastakhan's Rumble meta.

Malygos Rogue is an extremely powerful combo deck capable of assembling a very quick OTK that can deal massive amounts of damage that no opponent is able to survive.

As the Rogue class naturally lacks any real healing tools, the deck can be vulnerable to aggression. This leads to the deck having incredibly polarised matchups, as it frequently loses to Aggro while being very favoured against any non-Aggro deck.

With the rise of decks like Wall Priest, Malygos Rogue has seen a huge surge in popularity and is a great choice if you are regularly seeing Control and Combo decks.

Card List

Rogue Cards
0 Backstab Basic 2
0 Preparation Classic 2
1 Sinister Strike Basic 2
2 Evasion K&C 2
2 Eviscerate Classic 2
2 Razorpetal Volley Un'Goro 1
2 Sap Basic 2
2 Shiv Basic 2
3 Fan of Knives Basic 2
6 Vanish HoF 2
7 Sprint Basic 2
Neutral Cards
9 Malygos Classic 1

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Aim of Wild Malygos Rogue

Wild Malygos Rogue is an OTK deck built around the Deathrattle trigger on Kobold Illusionist. Using Necrium Blade and Necrium Vial, 3 copies of Malygos can be made in a single turn to generate +15 damage, setting up easy one-turn kills with spells like Sinister Strike and Eviscerate.


With just 4 total minions in the deck, drawing a single Elven Minstrel guarantees that you can find your key combo minions in a timely manner. Consequently, Elven Minstrel is one the best cards cards in the deck and the only universal keep across all matchups.

Wild Malygos Rogue packs a substantial amount of card draw, which makes it relatively easy to assemble the necessary combo pieces to OTK by turn 10. You will need to lean on Evasion and Vanish to keep you alive before Valeera comes down, and rely on your cheap removal spells to keep to the board clear in the early game. In your mulligans, try to look for the spells that will be most effective at slowing down your opponent's minions in the first 5 turns of the game. Backstab is often a solid choice against aggro decks, while Fan of Knives can buy a substantial amount of time against token decks.

In slower matchups, where your opponent is not able to pressure you in the early game, look to keep important combo pieces like Preparation, Necrium Vial, and Necrium Blade to ensure you have your full combo as soon as possible. As tempting as it may be to keep Kobold Illusionist or Malygos, these cards are relatively easy to find with Elven Minstrel and should rarely be kept in your opener.


Wild Malygos Rogue Early Turns

Your objective in the first 5 turns of the game is quite simple: survive! Wild Malygos Rogue does not run a single minion which costs less than 4, so you will need to use cards like Backstab, Eviscerate, and Fan of Knives to keep your opponent's board clear until Vanish and Evasion can buy time in the mid to late game. You will typically need just 2 or 3 spells to OTK (1 fewer if you play Valeera the Hollow), so do not be afraid to use your spells defensively in the early game.

Necrium Blade is an important card in the early game, as it is excellent for controlling the board against aggressive decks. Against classes which are capable of gaining substantial amounts of Armor (such as Druid and Warrior), you will typically need to hold on to the final charge on Necrium Blade so you can create a third a copy of Malygos. Against aggressive that do not gain armor, it will often be correct to use the second charge on Necrium Blade for board control, as you may not need 3 copies of Malygos to OTK.

Wild Malygos Rogue Mid to Late Game

The mid game begins for Wild Malygos Rogue on turn 6, when the deck can start playing cards like Vanish and Evasion to stall out the game until it has assembled its full combo. As a general rule, Vanish gets stronger and stronger as the game goes on, which typically makes Evasion the better card to play first if presented with the option between the two.

Though it may be tempting to play Vanish before turn 6 with a Preparation, Preparation is almost always a necessary piece of the combo. Without Preparation, Kobold Illusionist and Necrium Vial adds up to 9 Mana, which does not leave you with enough leftover Mana to play multiple spells in a turn without The Coin. Try not use Preparation as a defensive tool unless it absolutely necessary, or if you already have a second copy of Prep in hand.

Wild Malygos Rogue is not designed to drag things out into the late game. The objective from turn 8 onwards is to end the game as quickly as possible with your OTK. This will typically be possible on turn 10 with an average draw, especially if you were able to play Valeera the Hollow on turn 9 to gain an additional turn of time and free card off Shadow Reflection.

Wild Malygos Rogue Full Combo

The full combo for Wild Malygos Rogue works as follows:

  1. If your opponent has more than 30 combined Health and Armor, you will most likely need a Necrium Blade in play with 1 charge remaining in addition to 3 burn spells. If your opponent does not have more than 30 combined Health and Armor, you might be able to OTK them without a Necrium Blade and with 3 burn spells, or with a Necrium Blade and just 2 burn spells.
  2. Play Kobold Illusionist with Malygos as the only minion in your hand (4 Mana used).
  3. Play Preparation into Necrium Vial on the Kobold Illusionist (6 Mana used), creating 2 copies of Malygos.
  4. If necessary, swing your Necrium Blade to create a third copy of Malygos.
  5. Play any combination of Shiv, Eviscerate, Sinister Strike, and Razorpetal to finish off your opponent with your 4 remaining Mana.

Single Card Strategies


It is very difficult to OTK your opponent without a Preparation. Consequently, you should never use Preparation before your OTK turn unless you already have the second one in hand, or if it is absolutely necessary to survive.


The objective with Evasion is to buy yourself a single turn of time, similar to how Ice Block and Frost Nova function in OTK Mage decks. Though Evasion is not nearly as strong as Ice Block, it is still frequently able to buy you a turn of time against aggressive decks if you are able consistently kill or bounce your opponent's largest minion. Try to save your Saps and Eviscerates for moments where they can make your Evasions strongest, as Evasion will do you little good while staring down a high-Attack minion.

Elven Minstrel

Elven Minstrel is the key card which enables Wild Malygos Rogue to work, as it can be used to dig for both Malygos and Kobold Illusionist. However, the second copy of Elven Minstrel can interrupt your combo. It is generally best to play out your Elven Minstrels as the first available opportunity, as they will buy a small amount of board presence in the process.

Key Cards and Swaps


Both of the Legendary cards in Wild Malygos Rogue, Malygos and Valeera the Hollow, are necessary for the deck to function and are not replaceable.


Preparation, Evasion, and Necrium Vial are critical combo pieces that are not replaceable with budget options.

Flex Slots

The only flex slots in Wild Malygos Rogue are the 2 Shivs and single copy of Razorpetal Volley. Though a critical a mass of burn spells is necessary to assemble the OTK, you can probably get away with cutting one of these 3 cards for a defensive spell such as Assassinate or WANTED!. Keep in mind that you can not add any more minions to Wild Malygos Rogue, as this would break the synergy with Elven Minstrel.

Budget Wild Malygos Rogue Deck

Wild Malygos Rogue is not a budget-friendly deck, as both Legendary minions and all 6 Epics are necessary for the deck to function. We do not recommend playing Wild Malygos Rogue without the complete deck list above.

Wild Wild Malygos Rogue Deck

Due to the 4 Minion restriction imposed by Elven Minstrel, the Wild version of Wild Malygos Rogue is not substantially different from the Standard version. Conceal and Counterfeit Coin set up several OTKs which do not require you to draw Preparation. Shadow Strike could also be played as an efficient removal spell to help bridge the gap between Backstab and Vanish.

Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Hand size will sometimes become an issue against decks which do not give you targets for your removal spells, especially if you plan to play Sprint or Valeera the Hollow. Try to quickly identify when your opponent is not playing an aggressive deck so you can look for opportunities to dump useless cards from your hand in the early and mid game.
  • Backstab can be used to clear away large Taunt minions after Necrium Vial is played on a Kobold Illusionist for 2 copies of Malygos. This will sometimes be a necessary play if your life total is low enough and you have to make an attack with your Necrium Blade to create an additional copy of Malygos.

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  • 02 Mar. 2019: Deck has been updated for the March play season. Removed 2x Cheap Shot for 1x Sinister Strike, 1x Roll the Bones.
  • 26 Oct. 2018: Shaved 1x Sinister Strike and 1x Necrium Vial for 2x Cheap Shot.
  • 02 Sep. 2018: No updates for September.
  • 08 Aug. 2018: Deck added.
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