Cheap Giantfin Warrior Deck (Heroic Mode)

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This deck can be used to defeat Giantfin on Heroic Mode. It is heavily based on Constructed Grim Patron Warrior and can be built very cheaply for players on a budget.

Card List

Warrior Cards
0 Inner Rage Legacy 2
1 Slam Legacy 2
1 Whirlwind Legacy 2
2 Armorsmith Legacy 2
2 Battle Rage Legacy 2
2 Cruel Taskmaster Legacy 2
2 Revenge BrM 2
3 Fiery War Axe Legacy 2
3 Frothing Berserker Legacy 2
Neutral Cards
2 Explosive Sheep GvG 2
2 Wild Pyromancer Legacy 2
3 Acolyte of Pain Legacy 2
5 Grim Patron BrM 2

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Grim Patron Warrior naturally lines up extremely well against Giantfin, since almost every card in the deck destroys his board of low health minions. To help out even more, additional cards like Wild Pyromancer and Revenge are brought into the deck.

Simply full mulligan your entire hand for Grim Patron, this is the only card that matters in the deck since every other draw essentially does the same thing. The key to the fight is simply generating a board of Patrons as quickly as you can, at which point you can easily gain full control of the board since the Boss plays no removal at all.