Cheap Chieftain Scarvash Control Warrior Deck (Heroic Mode)

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The following guide can be used to defeat Chieftain Scarvash on Heroic Mode. It is based on a Constructed Control Warrior deck and simply aims to outlast the opponent through removal and life gain.

Card List

Warrior Cards
1 Execute Legacy 2
1 Shield Slam Legacy 1
1 Slam Legacy 2
2 Heroic Strike Legacy 2
3 Bouncing Blade GvG 1
3 Fiery War Axe Legacy 2
3 Shield Block Legacy 2
5 Brawl Legacy 1
7 Gorehowl Legacy 1
Neutral Cards
2 Doomsayer Legacy 2
4 Big Game Hunter Legacy 1
4 Dread Corsair Legacy 2
4 Kezan Mystic GvG 2
5 Antique Healbot GvG 2
20 Molten Giant Legacy 2

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This fight does rely on a little bit of luck, and for the most secure win you will need a Doomsayer in your opening hand and your opponent not to have Confuse to answer it. It is possible to win this fight without that start, though, if you are able to get Fiery War Axe early instead.

Part of the power of Warrior in this fight is that Weapons are unaffected by the Hero Power aura, meaning you can always play them at any stage of the game. Because of this, as a Warrior, you have access to consistent removal as long as you hold a weapon. The goal here is simple: clear his board with efficient Spells when they are available, and use the alternate turns to develop your board with Taunts to protect yourself further.

Kezan Mystic and Molten Giants are included in the deck as Tech cards. Since Dart Trap is a nightmare to deal with, stealing it for yourself is about the most effective way to remove its threat so you can start gaining life with your Hero Power again. Molten Giants are also included since even with a strong start you will take a ton of early damage and build armour up over the top of it when you stabilise, making Molten Giant a very cheap 8/8 when you draw it.