Cheap Lord Slitherspear Rogue Deck (Heroic Mode)

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This deck can be used to defeat Lord Slitherspear on Heroic Mode. It is based heavily on the Constructed Mill Rogue deck, which can prove tricky to play correctly. Refer to our guide on that deck if you require additional tips.

Card List

Rogue Cards
0 Preparation Legacy 2
0 Shadowstep Legacy 2
1 Pit Snake LoE 1
2 Betrayal Legacy 1
2 Gang Up BrM 2
2 Patient Assassin Legacy 2
2 Sap Legacy 2
4 Assassinate Legacy 2
6 Vanish Legacy 2
Neutral Cards
2 Doomsayer Legacy 2
3 Brann Bronzebeard LoE 1
3 Coldlight Oracle Legacy 2
3 Emperor Cobra Legacy 2
3 Ironbeak Owl Legacy 2
4 Big Game Hunter Legacy 1
5 Antique Healbot GvG 2

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Since Lord Slitherspear's constant onslaught of minions is almost impossible to deal with through conventional means, this deck that simply aims to repeatedly return his threats to his hand is a very strong strategy. The Sap and Vanish cards in this deck are particularly potent since each Naga you return to his hand will only return as a 1/1.

To help you to stall the game for long enough to maintain control, many additional options like Assassinate, Emperor Cobra, Patient Assassin, and Doomsayer are included in the deck to go for 1-for-1 with his threats for as long as you can. This helps you to stretch out your powerful effects since you only have a limited number of them in the deck.

Mulligan for Patient Assassin, Doomsayer, Emperor Cobra, and Coldlight Oracle, and then simply try and control the board for as a long as you can. Wait until you have a Shadowstep or Gang Up in your hand before using your first Coldlight Oracle, and then simply try to fill the opponent's hand and then use your board clears to destroy his minions.

Since Lord Slitherspear plays multiple card draw spells, you should have no problem milling him to death once you can gain control of the board.