HCT Americas Summer Playoffs 2017 Players and Decks

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Tournament Name HCT Americas Summer Playoffs 2017
Tournament Dates 2017/09/16 to 2017/09/17
Format conquest (BoE 5) / With Bans

The final Summer playoff is the Americas region playoff. There are 70 qualified players, and the top four qualify for the 2017 Summer Championship. The event is played over 7 rounds of Swiss, with the top 8 cutting to a single-elimination stage.

The previous event was the APAC Summer Playoffs. The season so far has focused on banning Druid, but with Priest dominating the remaining eight classes, it seems that this time around, several players have brought lineups which concentrate on targeting Priest.

1. Players and their Decks

Player Country Team Decks
Cydonia Canada Team SoloMid
Zalae United States N/A
k3nny Mexico N/A
Gallon United States N/A
JuzamDjinn United States N/A
seohyun628 Canada Kyoto esports
Apxvoid Canada Gosu Crew
Rpbalance Canada N/A
Monsanto Canada N/A
PHONETAP United States N/A
CmaccompH United States N/A
Yinus Mexico N/A
Teebs Canada Royal Blue esports
Fenom United States Bad Mojo
Luker Canada N/A
Xelerato N/A N/A
YAYtears United States N/A
denker Chile N/A
Empanizado Mexico N/A
Squid N/A N/A
Nalguidan Argentina Furious Gaming
JBmonaco United States N/A
Astrogation United States Splyce
etc N/A N/A
drjikininki United States N/A
Rase Brazil N/A
amnesiasc United States NRG esports
Cerwindhunt United States N/A
RayC United States Panda Global
Qwerty97 United States N/A
Kuonet United States N/A
Guiyze United States Kyoto esports
thelast Argentina N/A
Freohr United States To Be Determined
Ike United States N/A
jstsaiyan United States Tempo Storm
Muzzy United States N/A
HotMEOWTH United States Panda Global
bLAKERS United States N/A
Fishyyy United States N/A
DerpyTroller United States N/A
Moosey United States Kyoto esports
Willscarlett N/A N/A
killinallday United States N/A
nerdcube N/A N/A
yoitsflo United States N/A
Purple Canada Gamers Origin
Ananta Canada N/A
zlsjs United States N/A
topopablo11 Chile N/A
rosty United States Team Solstice
aznpatrickh United States N/A
Tarei United States N/A
UchihaSaske Peru N/A
Fibonacci Canada N/A
DPacman United States N/A
Klei N/A N/A
CelticGuard Brazil Hail Chapters
icer United States N/A
Joaquin Argentina N/A
Stark United States N/A
Tincho Argentina N/A
noblord United States To Be Determined
caravaggio8 United States Kyoto esports
PNC Argentina N/A
Pinche Argentina N/A
baenugget United States N/A
Izzy Peru N/A
ESOGloktaF2P United States N/A
pksnow United States N/A

2. Changelog

  • 13 Sep. 2017: Tournament Added. HCT Summer Playoffs for the Americas region.
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