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HCT APAC Summer Playoffs 2017 Players and Decks

Last updated on Sep 06, 2017 at 16:58 by L0rinda 1 comment

Table of Contents

Tournament Name HCT APAC Summer Playoffs 2017
Tournament Dates 2017/09/09 to 2017/09/10
Format conquest (BoE 5) / With Bans

There are 74 players in the HCT Summer 2017 Playoff for the APAC Region. The top four players from the event advance to the 2017 Summer Championship. There will be 7 rounds of Swiss in the event, which will then cut to a top 8 single-elimination knockout.

The previous event was the Summer Playoffs where the key strategy was to ban Druid. Control decks, Kazakus Priest in particular, did extremely well at that event and looks set to continue for the APAC Playoff. The deck distribution this time around reflects that, with once again every player bringing Druid. 66 of 74 players brought Priest.

1. Players and their Decks

Player Country Team Decks
Aaron Singapore N/A
Aqua Japan Unsold Stuff Gaming
b787 Japan N/A
Bao Vietnam N/A
BGIOU Taiwan N/A
blitzchung Hong Kong N/A
BoonnooB Thailand N/A
Che0nsu South Korea N/A
civila Japan N/A
ClothesTaKu South Korea N/A
cocosasa South Korea N/A
crataris Japan N/A
DamDam South Korea N/A
DDyaHyoNi South Korea N/A
Ender Australia N/A
fire South Korea N/A
FroStee Australia N/A
Ghost South Korea N/A
GingaNinja Australia N/A
glory Japan N/A
GunMo N/A N/A
Gyong South Korea N/A
honbee South Korea N/A
hone South Korea N/A
horo Japan N/A
hush South Korea N/A
i7mago Thailand N/A
JhongTin Taiwan N/A
kailin9 Hong Kong N/A
kevin South Korea N/A
KimyeongDDi South Korea N/A
Kranich South Korea N/A
Kribo South Korea N/A
Law N/A N/A
Lojom South Korea N/A
lowseeker South Korea N/A
lynx Japan N/A
Machamp Japan N/A
matuko Japan N/A
MISTBURN South Korea N/A
nukesaku Japan N/A
osuttyo Japan N/A
Pinpingho Taiwan N/A
posesi Japan N/A
ravexnous The Philipinnes N/A
ReneKuroi Japan N/A
ReVengeCCS Malaysia N/A
Saba Japan N/A
shoma N/A N/A
Soohyun N/A N/A
Strikeright South Korea N/A
Surrender South Korea N/A
Tansoku Japan N/A
tnraAy Japan N/A
tom60229 Taiwan N/A
Tredsred Japan N/A
tuttu Japan N/A
TypeVampire New Zealand Pelorus
uya Japan N/A
VespaYedder Thailand N/A
Virtual Australia N/A
Volcano Hong Kong N/A
Waterrupt Japan N/A
xSolozx Hong Kong N/A
Yulsic Hong Kong N/A

2. ChangeLog

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  • 06 Sep. 2017: Tournament Added. HCT Summer 2017 Playoff for the APAC region.
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