HCT Summer Championship 2017 Players and Decks

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Tournament Name HCT Summer Championship 2017
Tournament Dates 2017/10/13 to 2017/10/15
Format conquest (BoE 5) / With Bans

The Summer Championship 2017 has 16 players, 4 from each of the regions. The event starts off with groups of four players, and two from each group will qualify for the top 8 knockout stage. As well as winning their share of the prize fund shown below, the players who reach the Semi-Final will also qualify for the World Championship.

1. Prize Money

Place Prize
1st $60,000
2nd $40,000
3rd/4th $20,000
5th/8th $12,500
9th/16th $7,500
Total $250,000

2. Players and their Decks

Player Country Team Decks
Pavel Russia N/A
uya Japan N/A
BaiZe China SH Royal
cocosasa South Korea N/A
YAYtears United States N/A
Empanizado Mexico N/A
Nalguidan Argentina Furious Gaming
Jason Zhou China One More
OldBoy Ukraine N/A
Amyks Poland N/A
OmegaZero China N/A
tom60229 Taiwan N/A
Surrender South Korea Planet Odd
Purple Canada Gamers Origin
Trunks China N/A
Orange Sweden Alliance

3. Changelog

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