HCT World Championship 2017 Players and Decks

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Tournament Name HCT World Championship 2017
Tournament Dates 2018/01/18 to 2018/01/21
Format conquest (BoE 5) / With Bans

The 2017 World Championship consisted of 16 players. 4 players from each of the HCT Winter, HCT Spring, and HCT Summer Championship events, were joined by one Last Call player from each region for the biggest Hearthstone tournament of the year.

The players were divided into four groups, as shown below, with the top two from each group reaching the Single-Elimination quarter final stage.

  • Group A: Hoej, DocPwn, Orange, Tom60229
  • Group B: Muzzy, JasonZhou, Kolento, SamuelTsao
  • Group C: ShtanUdachi, Ant, Sintolol, Purple
  • Group D: Surrender, OmegaZero, Fr0zen, Neirea

1. Prize Money

Place Prize
1st $250,000
2nd $150,000
3rd/4th $100,000
5th/8th $50,000
9th/16th $25,000
Total $1,000,000

2. Players and their Decks

Player Country Team Decks
Neirea Ukraine G2 Esports
Sintolol Germany Gamer Sensei
Fr0zen United States N/A
JasonZhou China N/A
DocPwn Canada N/A
Muzzy United States Tempo Storm
OmegaZero China N/A
tom60229 Taiwan N/A
Surrender South Korea Planet Odd
ShtanUdachi Russia Team Spirit
SamuelTsao Taiwan N/A
Hoej Denmark Planet Odd
Orange Sweden Alliance

3. Changelog

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