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Kun Druid Deck List Guide

Last updated on Aug 10, 2017 at 20:50 by Pesty 1 comment

Table of Contents

Kun Druid is a powerful combo archetype that utilises the power of Kun the Forgotten King to create powerful combo decks. The ability to refresh your Mana Crystals alongside Aviana opens up a variety of game ending combos ranging from Malygos to C'Thun.

The archetype is very difficult to master and requires finding a balance between using defensive tools to survive the game and powerful card draw effects to quickly cycle cards in order to assemble the necessary cards to win games.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Kun Druid, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

This Wild Mill Kun C'Thun OTK Druid Deck is an incredibly fast version of Kun Druid. It utilises Mill tools such as Naturalize and Coldlight Oracle to cycle cards and slow opponents down without consequence due to the speed the necessary combo pieces can be assembled.

This Wild Kun C'Thun OTK Druid Anti-Aggro Deck is a slower C'Thun combo deck that includes additional anti-Aggro tools to be able to survive to the late-game more consistently.

This Wild Kun C'Thun OTK Druid Deck aims to assemble powerful combos using C'Thun to create huge amounts of damage to burst down opponents. It aims to combine Brann Bronzebeard with multiple C'Thun minions, to rapidly buff C'Thun before also using Brann to double the Battlecry of C'Thun to finish off opponents.

This Wild Kun Malygos OTK Druid Deck aims to rapidly cycle to assemble the cards for powerful combos. Once the correct cards are acquired, opponents can be killed in a single turn using a combination of Malygos and Faceless Manipulator with cheap spells.

This Wild Kun Malygos Druid Deck takes a hybrid approach to Kun Druid. It uses Midrange minions to contest the board during and to chip away at opponents Health during the mid-game, eventually finishing off opponents using powerful Malygos combos.

1. Aim of the Deck

Kun Druid aims to accelerate Mana as fast as possible to utilises the maximum amount of card draw in future turns. Once the neccessary cards have been drawn, Kun the Forgotten King and be used in combination with Aviana to create a situation where 10 Mana is available and all minions cost 1 Mana. From this point one of a wide range of combinations can be used to finish off opponents in a single turn.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses

Kun Druid is a fairly consistent combo deck that is able to draw the required cards in a minimal amount of turns. Most combos are able to do in excess of 30 damage which makes excellent at defeating Control deceks.

As a drawing the necessary cards is a high priority, Aggro decks can be problematic as they do not allow the time to draw the required cards, forcing defensive plays instead and slowing the strategy down overall.

3. Key Cards and Crafting

Kun the Forgotten King and Aviana are essential cards for the archetype as both cards are required to make combo strategies work. Additionally either Malygos or C'Thun are required as final combo pieces depending which variant you want to use.

Aside from the key Legendaries, it is also very important to have enough cards draw and Mana acceleration. Mire Keeper serves as an excellent followup to Wild Growth. Azure Drake provides solid card draw while also adding a decent minion to the board to slow opponents down. However, the most important for both of these is Nourish as it is able to function in a huge boost in Mana or cards as required.

4. ChangeLog

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