Pogo Rogue Deck List Guide (The Boomsday Project October 2018)

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General Information

This guide contains detailed strategy, mulligan, and deck-building information to help you improve your Pogo Rogue play for The Boomsday Project meta.

Pogo Rogue is a new breed of Rogue deck from The Boomsday Project Expansion. If focuses on repeatedly playing copies of the Pogo-Hopper card which gain strength for every copy of the card played earlier in the game. It is reminiscent of Jade Golem mechanic from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion and can become almost unstoppable if the game lasts for long enough.

As the expansion has progressed, Pogo Rogue has proven far too slow to be able to perform consistently at a high level. However, it is still an incredibly fun deck that has the potential to win games at all levels.

1. Pogo Rogue Card List

This Pogo Rogue deck costs 6,500 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Rogue Cards Neutral Cards
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2. Pogo Rogue Mana Curve


3. Pogo Rogue Mulligan Guide

As Pogo Rogue revolves around playing one specific card, Pogo-Hopper, your the mulligan strategy for the deck is aimed around playing and utilising Pogo Hopper as soon as possible.

In your opening hand you should hard mulligan for a copy of Pogo-Hopper in your opening hand. If you already have a copy available, you can additionally look for cards to combo with it like Shadowstep, Cheat Death, and Lab Recruiter.

Against Aggro decks that play a lot of tokens, you can additionally keep a copy of Fan of Knives or Backstab in your opening hand.

4. Pogo Rogue Strategy

In the early game your primary aim should be to begin your Pogo-Hopper combo as soon as possible. This will usually involve playing Cheat Death or a Pogo Hopper immediately followed by Shadowstep. As there are only two initial copies of Pogo Hopper in the deck, under no circumstances should you play it in the early game without a way to duplicate it. As a followup to the aforementioned plays, you are free to play Pogo Hoppers with Cheat Death in play, or when it can be immediately paired with a Lab Recruiter.

Going into the mid game, if you are unfortunate enough to have not drawn into one of your Pogo-Hoppers early, you can begin drawing through your deck to search for a copy. The most efficient way to do this is with Witchwood Piper as there is only 1 other 2-Mana minion in the deck, it is quite likely to draw you a copy of Pogo Hopper. Failing that you should aim to draw cards with Elven Minstrel, Fan of Knives, and Preparation and Sprint.

Once you have your Pogo Hopper online in the mid game, your focus should be on buffing it up for the future. You should prioritise using as many Lab Recruiters on Pogo Hoppers as possible and even using Shadowstep on your Lab Recruiters to get multiple Battlecry activations in a turn. Filling your deck with Pogo Hoppers like this will put you in a strong position going into the late game.

Sonya Shadowdancer fills a flexible role in the deck. With so many minions in the deck with powerful Battlecries, you should use her to duplicate as many targets as possible, especially Pogo-Hoppers. If you manage to copy a powerful minion such as Lab Recruiter or Vilespine Slayer then you can additionally consider killing off the generated tokens a second time using Backstab if Sonya is still in play to utilise their Battlecries multiple times in a single turn.

If you start to get overwhelmed by your opponent in the mid game, you should not hesitate to use Vanish. Even if you have your own minions in play, their powerful Battlecries remove nearly all of the drawback of bouncing them back to your hand, especially Pogo-Hoppers.

When you reach the late game, your Pogo-Hoppers should begin to get very powerful and you will have shuffled many additional copies into your deck. In this position, most opponents will begin to ignore your minions and try to rush you down and as a Rogue with no healing, this can be problematic. To counter this, the deck runs both Evasion and Valeera the Hollow that can stall the game for a turn while your Pogo Hoppers go to work, which should be enough to win you the game in most cases.

5. Pogo Rogue Card Swaps

As a relatively new deck, Pogo Rogue has plenty of room card swaps.

Cheat Death and Evasion are fairly interchangeable Secrets and switching between the two will keep opponents on their toes.

You can consider adding additional shuffle effects like Fal'dorei Strider that pairs well with Augmented Elekk.

If you are struggling against aggressive opponents, you can consider adding in Eviscerate and Bloodmage Thalnos to make it easier to control the board with spells.

6. Budget Pogo Rogue Deck

A few Legendary cards like Valeera the Hollow and Sonya Shadowdancer can be removed from Pogo Rogue to make the deck more accessible for players on a budget.

Rogue Cards Neutral Cards
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The changes to the deck do have a small effect on the consistency of the deck. The lack of Sonya Shadowdancer prevents combos allowing you to bounce and play multiple copies of minions like Lab Recruiter in a single turn, while no Valeera the Hollow hurts your late-game survivability a bit. As a replacement, copies of Eviscerate and Cheat Death are added to strengthen the deck's early game and remove the dependency on the powerful Legendary tools.

7. Wild Pogo Rogue Deck

As Pogo Rogue is a brand new deck in The Boomsday Project expansion, there is currently no Wild deck list available. However, keep an eye on this space for future updates and Wild variants of the deck.

8. Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid playing early Pogo-Hoppers without a way to copy them first.
  • Maximise the value from Sonya Shadowdancer by trading in as many minions as possible.
  • Do not hesitate to use Vanish as the deck architecture means there is minimal drawback to bouncing minions back to your hand.

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10. Changelog

  • 01 Oct. 2018: Deck has been reviewed for the October play season.
  • 01 Sep. 2018: Deck reviewed for the September play season.
  • 08 Aug. 2018: Deck added.
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