Ramp Druid Deck

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This version of Ramp Druid stalls the game long enough to overwhelm opponents with powerful late-game threats.


Ramp Druid Card List

This deck costs 12,440 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Druid Cards Neutral Cards
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Ramp Druid Mana Curve


Ramp Druid Strategy

Ramp Druids aim to accelerate their Mana as quickly as possible using cards like Wild Growth, Nourish and Greedy Sprite. The deck utilises powerful defensive tools such as Ironwood Golem and Spreading Plague to stall the game long enough to start pumping out big threats such as The Lich King and Ysera.


Ramp Druid Mulligans & Matchup Specific Strategies

In every matchup you should be looking for the fastest possible start, using a combination of Wild Growth, Nourish, Oaken Summons, and Greedy Sprite.

Against Aggro, you can consider keeping a defensive card such as Wrath or Lesser Jasper Spellstone if the rest of your hand is strong, to ensure you do not get overrun in the early game.


Getting The Fastest Start

Getting a fast start with the deck is crucial as even the slowest possible deck can become problematic to handle if you give them enough time. To remedy this, you should carefully plan out how to get the most out of your early turns as possible. Usually this will involve playing cards like Wild Growth to gain Mana as fast as possible and sequencing your ramp appropriately.

Nourish is another powerful card that needs careful usage within the deck. In other Druid decks you will use it to draw 3 cards almost every time. However, the urgency to be able to play your big minions in the deck makes gaining 2 Mana Crystals a more desirable option than it usually is. As a general rule, you should use the 2 Mana Crystal option against Aggro decks if you are unable to play the minions in your hand. This allows you to access them faster and stabilise quicker. Against slower decks, the draw 3 option is usually better, providing you with more resources as your opponent will often be able to answer your first few threats.


Once you have ramped up, you will be spending most of the game dropping a huge threat on the board each turn. You will be looking to consistently out-value your opponents with your near endless chain of threats. When it is safe to do so, you should try to prioritise playing your cards with powerful effects such as Ysera, The Lich King, and Hadronox in order to maximise your overall tempo and put more pressure onto your opponent.

Although you should be trading most of the time, you should also remain conscious of how much damage you can deal to your opponent. Due to the huge attack values of most of the minions in the deck, you will regularly find yourself in a position to kill your opponent in just 2 turns of attacks. If it is safe to do so, you should take this line of play where possible. It is also worth noting that although this deck consists almost solely of big minions, they are also finite in number due to all the spells in the deck to allow you to reach the late game and therefore you should always be mindful of how many threats you have left as it is sometimes possible for opponents with slower decks to outlast them.


Ramp Druid Card Swaps

The minions in the deck are fairly flexible and many of the late-game threats can be swapped for other high-Cost minions.

Earthen Scales or Branching Paths can be included as additional healing tools.

You can additionally include a copy of Astral Tiger if you find yourself hitting fatigue before you can end the game.



  • 11 Apr. 2018: Deck updated for the Witchwood expansion.
  • 08 Dec. 2017: Deck updated for the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion. Removed 2x Jade Blossom, 1x Moonglade Portal, 1x Ultimate Infestation, 1x Feral Rage, 1x Soggoth the Slitherer for 2x Branching Paths, 1x Ixlid, Fungal Lord, 1x Twig of the World Tree, 2x Lesser Jasper Spellstone.
  • 18 Sep. 2017: Removed 2x Innervate for 1x Earthen Scales, 1x Jade Blossom following the 18th Sep. balance patch.
  • 11 Aug. 2017: Deck updated for the KotFT expansion. Removed 1x Feral Rage, 1x Deathwing, 1x Deathwing, Dragonlord for 1x The Lich King, 1x Hadronox, 1x Ultimate Infestation.
  • 03 Aug. 2017: Guide has been updated to new Icy Veins archetype format.
  • 09 Apr. 2017: Deck added.
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