The Lich King Cheap Mech Rogue Deck

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This deck can be used to defeat the Rogue encounter with The Lich King in Icecrown Citadel. It is a cheap Mech Rogue deck that is designed to flood the board and win as soon as possible. Although the deck mostly consists of Wild cards, it is cheap to craft and accessible to most players.

Card List

Rogue Cards
0 Preparation Legacy 2
1 Journey Below TOG 2
1 Sinister Strike Legacy 2
2 Gang Up BrM 2
3 Iron Sensei GvG 2
3 Mimic Pod Un'Goro 2
3 Shadow Strike TOG 2
Neutral Cards
2 Annoy-o-Tron GvG 2
2 Mechwarper GvG 2
2 Micro Machine GvG 2
3 Flying Machine GvG 2
3 Gorillabot A-3 LoE 2
3 Vicious Fledgling Un'Goro 2

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At the start of the fight The Lich King will cast The Price of Power, which will remove all spells from your hand and deck. This deck is intentionally filled with many spells to take advantage of this effect and increase the consistency of draws, any spells can be used in these slots with the exception of Counterfeit Coin which can be used in the early-game.

During your Mulligan you should specifically be looking for Counterfeit Coins and Mechwarpers. If you have both copies or Counterfeit Coin you can also keep Vicious Fledgling, if you have Counterfeit coin and a Mechwarper you can also keep another cheap Mech.

This deck aims to win the game by Turn 7 so you should be looking for the fastest start possible, which will usually involve playing as many Mechs as possible. The deck relies on 3 different minions that can snowball out of control in order to be able to achieve the 60 damage required by turn 7, which are Vicious Fledgling, Micro Machine and Iron Sensei. You should protect these minions at all costs using Taunt minions like Annoy-o-Tron or Arcane Nullifier X-21 or by trading with your other minions.

The strategy for this deck is fairly consistent throughout the game, attacking the boss as frequently as possible to deal as much as damage as possible while protecting key minions. If you have not managed to win by Turn 7, it is still possible to win if you have managed to maintain a strong board. However, it is highly dependent on Health buffs from Vicious Fledgling and Iron Sensei, if you feel like you do not have enough damage to win you should prioritise Health buffs with Vicious Fledgling leading up to Turn 7 to add more resilience when dealing with Trapped Souls. If you can get past the Trapped Souls you will gain an extra turn or two to deal any remaining damage to the boss.


  • 28 Aug. 2017: Added Rogue deck to defeat The Lich King using Mech synergies.
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