The Lich King Druid Deck

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On The Lich King's first turn against Malfurion he casts Purge the Weak which removes all 3-Mana and below minions from your deck, hand, and board. This can be used to your advantage in thinning out your deck, and if you are looking to build your own deck, you could build an Astral Communion deck containing the huge minions and ramp that you need, and several cheap minions which will get stripped out at the start. The downside with such a build would be that sometimes you will lose cards from your opening hand. With that in mind, the presented deck is Standard friendly, and uses a regular Jade Druid shell.

This guide is shorter than the other guides. If you have any issues with playing the deck, you should refer to our Jade Druid guide.

Card List

Druid Cards
0 Innervate Legacy 2
1 Jade Idol MSG 2
2 Power of the Wild Legacy 2
2 Wrath Legacy 2
3 Wild Growth Legacy 2
4 Jade Spirit MSG 2
4 Mire Keeper TOG 2
4 Swipe Legacy 2
5 Nourish Legacy 2
6 Jade Behemoth MSG 2
Neutral Cards
10 Sea Giant Legacy 1

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Aim of the Deck

Malfurion's encounter with The Lich King is one of the more straightforward ones. The aim of the deck is to survive the early game, and simultaneously build the size of the Jade Golems that you create. Gaining Mana crystals allows you to do more with your turns than The Lich King can keep up with.



The start of the game is spent building up as much Mana as possible. You are looking to start the game with Wild Growth and Jade Blossom in particular. Having a large amount of Mana available in the mid-game will enable you to dominate the board, and play more powerful spells than The Lich King possesses. You should also keep one copy of Spreading Plague if you get it. This is a game-changing card on Turn 8.

Early Game

During the early game you should prioritise ramp spells. You should refrain from casting Power of the Wild and Mark of the Lotus if you can help it, as these are in the deck to combo with Spreading Plague. You should also use this time to develop your cheaper Jade minions.

Turn Seven

On Turn 7, The Lich King will fill the board up with 2/6 Souls. These need to be dealt with as quickly as possible so that Frostmourne can be removed. The best way to do this is to cast Spreading Plague, and then any buff spells you may have. Sea Giant is also included in the deck for this turn in particular.

Late Game

From this point on, it is worth knowing that The Lich King does not have any board wipes. This means you are free to build a big board using your Jade cards and your Bonemare with little worry. You should make sure to always shuffle your final Jade Idol into your deck, so that you do not run out. Do not be afraid during this stage to hide your big minions behind a Taunt minion, and go all out attack on The Lich King's Health total. His Hero Power is the only timer you should be aware of during this phase of the game. There is no hurry to deliver the killing blow, and you should trade where possible to prevent The Lich King from getting value out of his Bonemare

The Epic and Legendary cards in this deck can comfortably be switched out for any other powerful cards of your choice, as the key to the deck is the Spreading Plague, Mark of the Lotus, and Power of the Wild package.


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