The Lich King Evolve Shaman Deck

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This deck can be used to defeat the Shaman encounter with The Lich King in Icecrown Citadel. It is an Evolve Shaman deck that uses cheap Deathrattle minions to negate the drawback of the Necrotic Plague effect. It is a relatively cheap deck and is accessible for most players.

Card List

Shaman Cards
1 Evolve TOG 2
2 Devolve MSG 2
2 Flametongue Totem Legacy 2
2 Jade Claws MSG 2
2 Primalfin Totem Un'Goro 2
5 Bloodlust Legacy 2
Neutral Cards
0 Target Dummy GvG 2
1 Argent Squire Legacy 2
1 Dragon Egg BrM 2
1 Glacial Shard Un'Goro 2
1 Runic Egg Kara 2
2 Nerubian Egg Naxx 2
3 Hobgoblin GvG 2

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At the start of the fight, The Lich King will cast Necrotic Plague to change the stats of all minions in your hand and deck to 1/1. This deck aims to avoid this drawback by utilising minions spawned from Deathrattle effects and by also using the passive effect of Hobgoblin.

During this first few turns you should try and play your minions with powerful effects as they die or when attacked, such as Nerubian Egg, Dragon Egg, and Haunted Creeper. These allow you to get as much strength onto the board as quickly as possible to rush down your opponent. Once you have established board control, you can try and develop a Hobgoblin to boost any future minions you play to 3/3.

Going into the mid-game you should continue strengthening your board and taking favourable trades where possible. If you have 6 or 7 minions on board you can consider using Bloodlust on Turn 5 or 6 for an additional burst of 18-21 damage. This timing aims to play around Blizzard which the boss will frequently play on Turn 6 to cripple your board.

If you are unable to win the game by Turn 7, you need to be prepared for the boss to play its copy of Frostmourne. If you have Devolve in hand you can skip this phase entirely and continue pushing damage through to the boss, otherwise you should consider saving a copy of Bloodlust to help deal with the Trapped Souls as quickly as possible so that the boss once again becomes vulnerable and you can try and end the game.

This deck also contains two copies of Evolve which are very situational in their usage. Evolving minions negates the effect of Necrotic Plague as the resulting minions will have access to their full stats, however you should also be aware that cards like Nerubian and Flametongue Totem are often more valuable than what they Evolve into. As with Bloodlust, the optimal timing for Evolve should be on Turn 6, to help protect your weak minions from Blizzard. However, you should always be on the lookout for opportunities to use it, ideally when you have a full board and multiple damage minions.


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