Cheap Baron Geddon Warlock Deck (Heroic Mode)

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This deck can be used to easily defeat Heroic-mode Baron Geddon in Blackrock Mountain. It is very cheap, costing only 5,080 Arcane Dust to make. The deck is based on the Warlock Zoo archetype and features low-cost minions that will help you spend all your mana every turn, all the while putting immense pressure on Geddon to defeat him quickly.

Card List

Warlock Cards
1 Flame Imp Legacy 2
1 Power Overwhelming Legacy 2
1 Voidwalker Legacy 2
3 Void Terror Legacy 2
4 Imp-losion GvG 2
Neutral Cards
1 Abusive Sergeant Legacy 2
1 Clockwork Gnome GvG 2
2 Dire Wolf Alpha Legacy 2
2 Knife Juggler Legacy 2
2 Youthful Brewmaster Legacy 1
3 Harvest Golem Legacy 2
3 Ironbeak Owl Legacy 2
4 Defender of Argus Legacy 2
10 Sea Giant Legacy 1

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Defeating Heroic Baron Geddon poses two main challenges. Firstly, Ignite Mana, his Hero Power, now does 10 damage to you if you are unable to spend your exact Mana each turn, and secondly the card Living Bomb now does 10 damage to all of your minions, and your hero, if it is allowed to detonate.

Dealing with being forced to spend all your Mana each turn is fairly straightforward when using a Zoo style deck such as this one, as between all your low cost minions, and your Life Tap, you should almost always have the correct card combinations to spend the neccessary amount. Living Bomb however, poses a different problem, and a single one left to detonate can single handedly ruin your board. To prevent this, the deck plays multiple cards like Ironbeak Owl, Youthful Brewmaster, Power Overwhelming, and Void Terror that can all clear the Living Bomb effect before it detonates.

Using your Life Tap liberally is key to defeating this challenge, try to avoid spending your complete Mana allotment by using every card in your hand, remember that you will also need to spend your total amount of Mana on the following turn, and so must keep refilling your hand to gather resources.