Cheap Lord Victor Nefarius / Nefarian Paladin Deck (Heroic Mode)

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This deck can be used to defeat Lord Victor Nefarius on Heroic Mode. It is built around the strategy of allowing the boss to overextend onto the board with his huge Mana pool, and then punishing him with a big board clear. Once you have achieved this, the boss will be too low on cards to compete with you any longer, leading to your victory.

Card List

Paladin Cards
1 Humility Legacy 2
2 Equality Legacy 2
3 Aldor Peacekeeper Legacy 2
4 Blessing of Kings Legacy 1
4 Consecration Legacy 2
4 Hammer of Wrath Legacy 1
4 Truesilver Champion Legacy 2
5 Quartermaster GvG 2
Neutral Cards
1 Abusive Sergeant Legacy 2
3 Mind Control Tech Legacy 2
4 Big Game Hunter Legacy 1
5 Azure Drake Legacy 2
20 Molten Giant Legacy 2

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Although Nefarius starting this fight with 10 Mana may seem completely unfair initially, it actually ends up being his downfall. Since he has so much Mana at his disposal, he will quickly over commit to the board, leading to a board clear from you in the form of Equality + Consecration. Once you are able to achieve this, he will be too low on cards to keep up consistent pressure on you, and you should be able to outvalue him, leading to an eventual win.

Mulligan hard for Zombie Chow, Abusive Sergeant, Aldor Peacekeeper and Mind Control Tech, as these are your key cards for controlling the board early, and stalling long enough that your eventual Equality combo is completely devastating for him. Mind Control Tech is only of use early in the game, as later on he will not have enough minions in his hand for it to have an effect.

After your eventual board clear, Nefarius' hand will be saturated with Paladin spells, but he will have insufficient minions to create any pressure. The only thing to look out for here is that he can eventually draw into the Equality + Consecration combo himself through stealing your spells, so you should endeavour to only have enough pressure on the board to ensure dominance, and keep enough pressure in your hand to follow up if the worst should happen.