Cheap The Crone Zoo Warlock Deck (Heroic Mode)

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This deck can be used to defeat The Crone on Heroic mode. It is fundamentally similar to a constructed Zoo deck, so you can refer to one of our Zoo guides in order to learn how to play the deck optimally.

Card List

Warlock Cards
1 Flame Imp Legacy 2
1 Mortal Coil Legacy 1
1 Possessed Villager TOG 2
1 Power Overwhelming Legacy 2
1 Soulfire Legacy 1
1 Voidwalker Legacy 2
2 Dark Peddler LoE 2
3 Imp Gang Boss BrM 2
5 Doomguard Legacy 2
Neutral Cards
1 Abusive Sergeant Legacy 2
2 Crazed Alchemist Legacy 1
2 Dire Wolf Alpha Legacy 2
2 Knife Juggler Legacy 2
4 Dark Iron Dwarf Legacy 1
4 Defender of Argus Legacy 2

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This fight is a race against time, as you will need to eliminate The Crone's health entirely before she gets to 8 Mana, otherwise she will simply cast Twisting Nether and then use her Hero Power to finish you off. This is relatively simple to do, however, by playing an aggressive deck such as Zoo.

Most of The Crone's deck is Charge minions that she will want to direct at Dorothee to remove her from the board. However, since you have the ability to generate Taunt minions on the right hand side of Dorothee whenever you want, this is easy to protect against.

The key is to keep at least 2 Taunt minions on the right hand side of the opponent's board, and then use the Charge side of the board to push through repeated damage as quickly as you can. Do not worry too much about trading, since as you are a Zoo deck you can always refill your hand and place more Taunt minions on the right hand side of the board.

The best minions to place on the Taunt side are Imp Gang Boss, Doomguard, and Possessed Villager, while Darkshire Councilman can easily carry the game single-handedly if placed on the left, as the Taunts on the right will also protect the Councilman from harm and allow him to grow to enormous sizes.