Legendary Chromaggus Druid Deck (Heroic Mode)

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This deck can be used to defeat Chromaggus on Heroic Mode. It is a fairly straightforward, Ramp Druid-inspired deck, with a few key additions to help you deal with the Brood Affliction cards that are the bane of this fight.

Card List

Druid Cards
0 Innervate Legacy 2
3 Wild Growth Legacy 2
4 Keeper of the Grove Legacy 2
4 Swipe Legacy 2
5 Druid of the Claw Legacy 2
9 Tree of Life GvG 1
Neutral Cards
3 Harvest Golem Legacy 2
4 Big Game Hunter Legacy 2
4 Defender of Argus Legacy 2
4 Twilight Drake Legacy 2
6 Sylvanas Windrunner Legacy 1
7 Dr. Boom GvG 1
12 Mountain Giant Legacy 2
20 Molten Giant Legacy 2

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Chromaggus is one of the most difficult bosses in the entire Blackrock Mountain Adventure, and will probably take most players multiple attempts to clear. It requires not only a strong deck, as we have provided, but intelligent play to defeat.

The key to defeating the boss is correctly managing the Brood Affliction cards that you are given at the start of each turn, and identifying which ones you should prioritise discarding first. As a general rule, the card that does damage to you, and the card that heals Chromaggus are unimportant, and can be ignored for several turns. The cards that modify the costs of Chromaggus' minions and spells, however, are far more important, and should be discarded immediately.

To facilitate this, Druid is a strong choice, since Innervate can be used to find the extra Mana needed to discard a Brood Affliction card. As you reach the later turns, you will find yourself with more Mana to spare, and the fight will become more straightforward, so having the help of Innervate in the early turns is key.

Mulligan hard for Wild Growth and Innervate, and play out a standard board control game. The idea is that your Mana acceleration cards will offset the loss of tempo that you are forced to take by discarding the expensive cards, and allow you to compete for the board. Emperor Thaurissan is also an important card here, since it can discount the Brood Affliction cards in your hand and allow you discard more than one in the same turn.

If you can stay relatively even on the board until the late-game, two key cards will help swing the game your way. Firstly, Kel'Thuzad can shut the game down, as the AI deals very poorly with this card. Secondly, Tree of Life can be used to stabilise, even at a very low life total, nullifying the effects of the damage dealing Brood Afflicition card from the early game.