Cheap Lord Victor Nefarius / Nefarian Druid Deck (Heroic Mode)

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This deck can be used to defeat Lord Victor Nefarius on Heroic Mode. It is based around a Mill Druid archetype and is designed to outlast the boss, eventually putting up a wall of Taunts that he is unable to penetrate and using Tree of Life to reset the game and finally grind him down.

Card List

Druid Cards
0 Innervate Legacy 2
1 Naturalize Legacy 2
3 Grove Tender GvG 1
3 Healing Touch Legacy 1
4 Keeper of the Grove Legacy 2
4 Swipe Legacy 2
5 Starfall Legacy 2
9 Tree of Life GvG 1
Neutral Cards
2 Youthful Brewmaster Legacy 2
3 Coldlight Oracle Legacy 2
3 Mind Control Tech Legacy 2
5 Antique Healbot GvG 2

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Mulligan hard for Naturalize and Poison Seeds in your opening hand. Grove Tender is also useful early as the Mana Ramp has no effect on your opponent, since they are already at 10 Mana. Having a Naturalise early is key, as without it you may find yourself overwhelmed too quickly to have any chance.

After the initial onslaught, you will start to counter your opponent with cards like Mind Control Tech, Poison Seeds, and Starfall to deal with his early pressure. Once you have survived this early onslaught, however, Nefarian runs out of steam very quickly due to the amount of cards he plays each turn. You want to avoid using Coldlight Oracle too early, instead saving it to finally fatigue him at the end of the fight.

Volcanic Lumberer is your key card for victory in this fight. Ideally you want to cast Poison Seeds on a large board, and then in the following turn use Starfall to heavily discount the cost of Volcanic Lumberer, and then summon it in into play using Innervate if required. Once you have achieved this swingy turn, the fight becomes quite simple, as Nefarian's deck is ill equipped for playing from behind.