Rumble Run War Master Voone Guide

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This guide is designed to aid you in defeating War Master Voone in Rastakhan's Rumble Run. It goes into detail about how to defeat each of the Shrines and accompanying decks that the boss may use.


Akali's Horn

War Master Voone will use the Akali's Horn Shrine when faced in 1 of the first 2 rounds of a Rumble Run. The Shrine allows minions to repeatedly attack as long as they Overkill their target.

Akali's Horn is one of the most insignificant Shrines of all the classes and can be completely disregarded. The low Health of the boss will allow you to win before they have established a position on the board.


Akali's War Drum

War Master Voone will use the Akali's War Drum Shrine when faced in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th round. The Shrine is initially slow but quickly snowballs out of control as multiple Dragons are played.

The boss uses a deck full of high-Cost Dragons, allowing you to disregard Akali's War Drum for the entire early game. You should try and kill the Shrine around turn 4 once the boss begins playing its Dragons. With most decks, you should be able to rush down the boss and win after only a few Dragons have been played. However, if games go longer, you should try to keep the Shrine down to prevent multiple Dragons from being played in a single turn. For longer games, it is important to note that the boss also plays Deathwing, so you should make sure you hold back at least 1 answer for it in the late game.


Akali's Champion

War Master Voone will use the Akali's Champion Shrine when faced in the 6th, 7th, or 8th round of a Rumble Run. The Shrine turns itself into an incredibly powerful minion by maintaining an Attack value equal to the bosses Armor.

When facing up against Akali's Champion you will be in for a very long game. The boss uses a lot of Armor-gain cards, such as Shield Block, Weapons Project, and Alley Armorsmith, that will greatly empower the Shrine. While you should naturally kill off the Shrine at every opportunity, it is also important to keep the Armor of the boss down. Not doing so will allow the Shrine to attack for massive damage the turn it respawns. When trading into the Shrine, it is also important to remember that you can lower its Attack value by removing Armor first. Lastly, it is also very important to hold back minions as the boss runs multiple copies of Unbound Punisher as a powerful board clear.



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