Rumble Run Hunter Shrine Guide

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This guide is designed to aid you in Rastakhan's Rumble Runs. It goes into great detail about Shrine choices, Card Buckets, and Teammates to help you make optimal choices when forging an optimal deck throughout a Rumble Run.


Hunter Shrines


Halazzi's Guise

Halazzi's Guise is a Shrine that relies on summoning large numbers of Beasts and randomly provides each of them with the added bonus of Rush, Taunt, or Poisonous. If you pick this Shrine, you will start your Rumble Run with the following 10-card deck:

Hunter Cards Neutral Cards

To make full use of the Halazzi's Guise Shrine, you should look for opportunities to summon multiple Beasts with a single card. The nature of the effect is very unreliable as certain effects favour different types of minions. For example, getting the Poisonous effect on minions from Unleash the Hounds and Snake Trap is incredibly powerful, whereas Taunt and Rush are fairly underwhelming. Conversely, the opposite is true for big Beasts like Savannah Highmane.

You should try and pick up cards from the Beast Caller and Big Beasts card buckets to get a good mix of small Beasts to control the board and bigger Beasts to deal the damage. The unreliability of the Shrines means you should focus on building a well-rounded deck that has a solid Mana Curve that will work with or without the Shrine. To supplement your Beasts, you should try and pick up a few spells from the Trick Shots bucket to help control the board. Flanking Strike and Baited Arrow are particularly powerful due to their ability to also summon Beasts.

When picking teammates after your second and fourth win, there are multiple solid choices available. Battlestarved Lynx is a great way to refill your hand if you have been picking cheaper card buckets and regularly run out of cards. Troll Harbinger can also be picked under similar circumstances, especially if you have picked many cards that summon multiple Beasts. Lastly, you can always pick Rabid Saurolisk as an excellent board-clear utility card to supplement your deck.

If you win 6 rounds, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your Shrine. If you have focused on cheaper minions and have a good amount of cards draw, Windfall Blessing is an excellent choice. Conversely, if your deck lacks card draw, then Boon Reaper can be picked instead. If you have chosen a route with slightly more expensive minions, then Roaring Edifice can be picked as a great way to help you unload your hand.


Halazzi's Hunt

Halazzi's Hunt is a Shrine that can rapidly snowball out of control if you are able to consistently Overkill enemy minions. If you pick this Shrine, you will start your Rumble Run with the following 10-card deck:

Hunter Cards Neutral Cards

Halazzi's Hunt has the potential to be incredibly powerful when used correctly. As all friendly minions are given an Overkill effect, it is important to favor high-Attack minions. Rush and Charge effects are also very strong, allowing you to immediately trigger the Overkill effect to discount your hand. Triggering the Overkill effect can quickly snowball out of control and will allow you to play out high-Cost minions much earlier than intended.

You should prioritise picking the Big Beasts card bucket a lot, the minions are all high enough Attack to be able to Overkill and also greatly benefit from having their Cost reduced multiple times. You should prioritise the minions that have Charge or Rush to attack immediately such Amani War Bear and Oondasta. To further your strategy, you should also look for copies of Tundra Rhino and Houndmaster Shaw to allow you to immediately attack and overkill with your minions. To support the natural high Cost of the minions of the deck, you should also look to pick up some spells from the Trick Shots and Survival Tactics buckets to help you survive long enough to play your big minions.

When choosing Teammates after your second and fourth win, Shadowmaw Panther should be your highest priority to support the strategy of the deck. If it is not one of the options available, Slamma Jamma is a solid second choice to help your deck snowball even further.

After you win 6 rounds in a row, you will get a choice of 3 random abilities to upgrade your Shrine with. Everlasting Devotion is a great choice if available, allowing you to double the effect of your Shrine and snowball even faster. Alternatively, you can look for Roaring Edifice instead, which will provide its own Mana reduction to play into the strategy of the deck.


Halazzi's Trap

Halazzi's Trap is an oppressive Shrine that is able to continuously keep a large number of Hunter Secrets in play through consistent spell usage. If you pick this Shrine, you will start your Rumble Run with the following 10-card deck:

Hunter Cards Neutral Cards

Halazzi's Trap is by far the strongest Hunter Shrine and allows you to continually keep a large number of Hunter Secrets in play to disrupt the game. Your priority should be on playing just enough spells to keep Secrets in play. You should keep track of all of the Secrets you have in play to make sure you manipulate the board to allow your Secrets to trigger most efficiently. It is important to note that AI opponents will always prioritise attacking your Shrine, greatly lowering the strength of Wandering Monster, Explosive Trap, Bear Trap, and Misdirection.

You should prioritise picking card buckets that contain lots of spells to maximise the value of your Shrine. Trick Shots is the best fit as you will often not have enough space to play Secrets from the Secrets bucket. Spells that also generate minions like Flanking Strike and Baited Arrow should be your highest priority. You should also immediately pick up the Secrets bucket if it contains a Eaglehorn Bow as the effect of your Shrine should allow you to attack with it almost every turn for the entire game. To round out your deck, you can add in a few big minions from the Legendary or Big Beasts card buckets to ensure you have enough value to push through long games against the later challenges.

When choosing Teammates after your second and fourth win, Streetsmuggler should always be your first pick when available. Its synergy with the Secrets in the deck allow it to cycle a large number of Secrets for immense value. As a second choice, you can choose Troll Harbinger for great synergy with Snake Traps to generate more spells and subsequently more Secrets, or Rabid Saurolisk as a solid board clear to get you out of tough situations.

Once you reach 6 wins in a row, you will have the opportunity to choose from 1 of 3 random upgrades for your Shrine. It is quite common to run out of cards with the Halazzi's Trap Shrine and Boon Reaper is an excellent choice if you are susceptible to that. Alternatively, you can look for either the Pact with the Loa or Everlasting Devotion Shrines to keep the maximum uptime for your Shrine.


Hunter Teammates

Teammate Comments
Battlestarved Lynx Battlestarved Lynx is a great way to refill your hand. It is a great fit for the minion-based Shrines, Halazzi's Guise and Halazzi's Hunt.
Rabid Saurolisk Rabid Saurolisk is an excellent card for any deck and provides a full board clear in almost any situation. However, it has no particular synergy with any Shrine and is usually a second choice to Teammates with stronger Shrine synergies.
Shadowmaw Panther Shadowmaw Panther is a solid choice for minion-based Shrines like Halazzi's Hunt, however, it is very comparable to Houndmaster Shaw and Tundra Rhino and lacks some of the extreme power level seen by other Teammates
Slamma Jamma Slamma Jamma is a very polarised card that can make big boards devastating. However, as the card requires a large board to begin with, it is most useful in situations where the game would be won without it, making it a very low priority pick.
Troll Harbinger Troll Harbinger is a multi-purpose Teammate. As its effect turns minions into new cards, it works well with small minions, like those used in Halazzi's Guise.
Streetsmuggler Streetsmuggler provides excellent value when used in combination with multiple Secrets. It is a perfect fit in combination with the Halazzi's Trap Shrine.

Card Buckets

After each victory, you will be offered a choice of 3 different card buckets that you can add to your deck. Each bucket contains 3 cards that fit a certain theme and will help shape your deck in different ways.

The table below contains a list of all the possible Hunter card buckets. The comments section contains further details of each bucket and when to choose them.

Bucket Comments
Fresh Meat Fresh Meat contains all of the cheap Beasts available to Hunter, such as Crackling Razormaw and Alleycat. This bucket has great synergy with Halazzi's Guise, however, you should avoid picking this bucket too frequently as its low Cost makes it easy to run out of cards.
Big Beasts Big Beasts contains all of the high-Cost Beasts available to Hunter, such as Savannah Highmane and Amani War Bear. It can be used to provide solid late game for any deck and has excellent synergy with Halazzi's Hunt specifically.
Trick Shots Trick Shots contains all of the damage and removal spells available for Hunter like Quick Shot and Flanking Strike. It adds some necessary utility to every deck and as all cards in spells, it works excellently in combination with Halazzi's Trap.
Beast Caller Beast Caller contains all of the token Beasts available for Hunter, such as Unleash the Hounds and Haunted Creeper, and their synergies like Scavenging Hyena and Knife Juggler. Many of the cards in this bucket are ideal in combination with Halazzi's Guise.
Secrets The Secrets bucket contains all Hunter Secrets and synergies like Cloaked Huntress and Mad Scientist. This bucket does not offer much use for any of the Shrines and although it may seem good with Halazzi's Trap, the Shrine will already provide enough Secrets by itself.
Beast Training Beast Training is full of Beast synergy cards like Bestial Wrath and Call Pet. Generally this bucket is quite weak, but has two excellent picks in the form of Houndmaster Shaw and Tundra Rhino.
Deathrattle Deathrattle contains all Hunter Deathrattle cards and some synergies. As no Shrine utilises these effects directly, you should look for good standalone cards like Savannah Highmane.
Legendary Legendary contains all Hunter Legendary cards like Gahz'rilla and Kathrena Winterwisp. Due to the high average Cost of the cards, this bucket can used to round out any deck, much like the Big Beasts bucket.
Survival Tactics Survival Tactics contains survability tools like healing from Antique Healbot, Taunt from Sludge Belcher, and Secrets like Freezing Trap. The bucket is fairly weak overall and can be avoided.
Scrapyard The Scrapyard bucket contains a range of Mechs. The bucket can generally be avoided as it has no synergy with any of the Shrines. However, keep a look out for Scorp-o-matic specifically as its Battlecry effect is a great method of removing enemy Shrines.


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