Rumble Run Rogue Shrine Guide

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This guide is designed to aid you in Rastakhan's Rumble Runs. It goes into great detail about Shrine choices, Card Buckets, and Teammates to help you make optimal choices when forging an optimal deck throughout a Rumble Run.


Rogue Shrines


Bottled Terror

Bottled Terror is an aggressive Shrine that protects all of your minions and gives a board-wide attack boost when killed. If you pick this Shrine, you will start your Rumble Run with the following 10-card deck:

Rogue Cards Neutral Cards

Bottled Terror supports very aggressive strategies and you should aim to use that to your advantage. While the Shrine is alive, your minions will have Stealth. You should use this to your advantage to dictate all of the trades and be relentlessly aggressive as necessary. When your low-Health Shrine dies, you will gain significant attack boost to all of your minions. To utilise this, you should try to maintain many minions on the board at all times.

When picking card buckets, all of the minions in the Pirate bucket have very aggressive stat-lines that work well with Bottled Terror. As you pick the bucket multiple times, you will greatly benefit from cards like Southsea Captain and Ship's Cannon. The Deathrattle card bucket is also a very solid choice. Cards like Nerubian Egg and Devilsaur Egg will greatly benefit from the consistent Attack buff from your Shrine. To round out your deck, you should look to pick up some removal tools, such as Vilespine Slayer from Misfits or Battlecry.

When choosing Teammates after your second and fourth win, Raging Contender should always be your first choice. Its aggressive stats make it great to hide behind the Stealth of your Shrine whereas its Deathrattle will populate your board with minions that will greatly benefit from the Deathrattle of your Shrine. If Raging Contender is not available, Pesky Rascal is a solid second choice. Though it may not seem like much, it can quickly start to become a large threat as it gets buffed by the Deathrattle of your Shrine multiple times.

If you manage to defeat the first 6 bosses, you will have the ability to upgrade your Shrine. As your Shrine naturally demands an aggressive deck, Boon Reaper is a great first choice to keep your hand full of cards. Alternatively, you can pick up Everlasting Devotion or Pact with the Loa to allow your Shrine's Deathrattle to trigger as often as possible.


Pirate's Mark

Pirate's Mark is a Shrine that will duplicate any spells you use. It is capable of creating very high-tempo turns to keep control of the board and pressure down opponents. If you pick this Shrine, you will start your Rumble Run with the following 10-card deck:

Rogue Cards Neutral Cards

Pirate's Mark is a powerful Shrine that is able to generate a large amount of tempo to get ahead. Copies of The Coin and Counterfeit Coin are doubly useful due to the Shrine and should be utilised wherever possible. However, with the ability to play so much in a turn, it is very easy to run out of cards to play. To overcome this, you should hold back for power turns where you can combine a large number of spells in combination with cards like Questing Adventurer, Gadgetzan Auctioneer, or Malygos.

When choosing cards buckets, you should default to picking cards from Aggressive Tactics, especially spells like Eviscerate, Shiv and Fan of Knives in addition to Gadgetzan Auctioneers. To help fuel your power turns, you should also look for Tomb Pillager and WANTED! from For the Money to get copies of The Coin. However, Counterfeit Coin should not be picked often as you will run out of cards quickly. Lastly, you should try to pick up copies of Edwin VanCleef from the Battlecry or Bounce buckets to pair with the large number of cards you can play in a turn.

After your second and fourth win, you will have the option to add a special Teammate minion to your deck. Both Parrot Mascot and Lobstrok Tastetester are excellent choices. Parrot Mascot will allow you to extend your big combos even further, allowing you to refresh your hand and play even more cards. Lobstrok Tastetaster will allow you to achieve a similar result, however, it comes with the risk of cycling rapidly through your deck and is not recommended if your deck is full of very cheap cards.

After 6 wins, you will have the ability to choose from a random selection of powerful Shrine upgrades. Sacred Ritual should be your highest priority as it will allow you to do even more powerful turns with your spells. If Sacred Ritual is not available, Everlasting Devotion is a great second choice. It will allow you to triple your spells to provide a larger boost in damage to push through the later bosses.


Treasure from Below

Treasure from Below is a very powerful Shrine that gradually siphons cards from the opponents deck and adds them to your hand at a discount Cost. It is an excellent Shrine for playing long games to win through fatigue. If you pick this Shrine, you will start your Rumble Run with the following 10-card deck:

Rogue Cards Neutral Cards

Treasure from Below is one of the most powerful Shrines available due to the subtle long-term advantage offered by its effect. It is hard to use consistently as you will always be at the mercy of the cards stole by your Shrine. Because of this, you should prioritise fully controlling the board at all times. The benefits of this are threefold. Firstly, by controlling the board, you will naturally keep your very vulnerable Shrine alive for longer. Secondly, you will effectively draw 2 cards per turn, giving you a lot of resources to play onto the board each turn. Lastly, the effect of the Shrine will cause your opponent to reach fatigue much sooner than usual, allowing you to eventually win if you maintain control throughout the game.

When picking card buckets, you should look exclusively for tools to help you control the board. Cards like Shadow Strike and Eviscerate from Aggressive Tactics are great choice as well as Walk the Plank and Preparation from Tricks of the Trade. You can also look for copies of Vilespine Slayer from the Misfits and Battlecry buckets. When none of these options are available, it is important to prioritise cards that are low-Cost as you will struggle to play out of your cards along with the additional ones gained from your Shrine.

When choosing Teammates after your second and fourth victory, you should look for either Salty Looter or Sharktoothed Harpooner. Salty Looter will accelerate the strategy by stealing cards from your opponent's hand in addition to their deck to grind them down faster. Sharktoothed Harpooner will help you empty out your hand, which is very useful against the later bosses where you will often steal high-Cost cards.

Once you reach 6 wins in a row, you will have the opportunity to choose from 1 of 3 random upgrades for your Shrine. Everlasting Devotion should always be your highest priority if it is available. Having 2 Shrines stealing cards from your opponent will accelerate the game, pushing your opponent into fatigue even faster as well as giving you even more cards to counter them with. Pact with the Loa should be your second choice. While not as strong as Everlasting Devotion, it will allow your Shrine to be active as much as possible and negate some of the drawback of its low Health.


Rogue Teammates

Teammate Comments
Lobstrok Tastetester Lobstrok Tastetester is a great way to cycle through your deck and create really powerful turns. However, it does not fit the strategy of most Shrines and is only viable with Pirate's Mark.
Parrot Mascot Parrot Mascot is a great way to refill your hand after multi-card power turns that Rogues are very capable of. This is great at generating minions for Bottled Terror and spells for Pirate's Mark.
Pesky Rascal Pesky Rascal is a fairly insignificant minion that provides steady value over time. However, in order to provide enough value, it needs attack buffs from cards like Cold Blood. It is a great fit for Bottled Terror due to the Attack buffs provided by the Shrine.
Raging Contender Raging Contender is an excellent card that combines the removal ability of a powerful Rush minion and allows it to generate a full board when it is done. This is a great choice for any deck and is especially good for Bottled Terror where wide boards can be heavily utilised.
Salty Looter Salty Looter is a great all-round card. Its ability to pull cards from your opponent's hand will greatly lower their options and will frequently allow you to win when there are no cards left in hand. It does not have great synergy with any Shrine, but is a solid choice nonetheless.
Sharktoothed Harpooner Sharktoothed Harpooner has good synergy with cards from the Burgle card bucket and will offer a huge tempo boost. While it also naturally synergises with the Treasure from Below Shrine, it is not very necessary due to the reduction already provided.

Card Buckets

After each victory, you will be offered a choice of 3 different card buckets that you can add to your deck. Each bucket contains 3 cards that fit a certain theme and will help shape your deck in different ways.

The table below contains a list of all the possible Rogue card buckets. The comments section contains further details of each bucket and when to choose them.

Bucket Comments
Burgle Burgle contains a range of cards that generate cards from the class of your opponent and cards that synergise with them like Ethereal Peddler and Spectral Cutlass. This bucket can mostly be avoided, but a few cards like Spectral Cutlass and Tess Greymane are excellent when picked with Treasure from Below.
Pirates Pirates, as the name suggests, contains all Pirate minions available for Rogue. It needs to be picked consistently to offer good value and the low-Cost of the minions will cause you to run out of cards frequently. However, the aggressive stats and synergy between the minions makes it a good choice for Bottled Terror.
Battlecry Battlecry contains a range of solid Rogue Battlecry minions. It has strong choices like Azure Drake, Fal'dorei Strider, and Vilespine Slayer that are great for any deck.
Aggressive Tactics Aggressive Tactics contains many of Rogue's damage spells. It has a lot of options available to go with Pirate's Mark and great cards like Azure Drake and Eviscerate that can be used in all decks.
Weapons The Weapons bucket contains a mix of weapon buffs like Deadly Poison and weapons like Assassin's Blade. While some of the cards in the bucket are reasonable, they are not incredibly impactful and the bucket can be completely ignored.
Deathrattle Deathrattle contains a mix of solid Rogue and neutral Deathrattle minions. It contains some great choices for all decks like Carnivorous Cube and Cairne Bloodhoof. Additionally, all of the minions in the bucket are excellent for Bottled Terror.
For the Money For the Money contains a range of cards themed around generating copies of The Coin. The bucket is excellent with the Pirate's Mark Shrines that is able to double up on the Mana gained from Coins.
Bounce Bounce contains minions and spells with effects that bound minions back to your hand or shuffle them into your deck. Most of the cards are too weak to see play, but some choices like Fal'dorei Strider or Edwin VanCleef can be put into any deck.
Misfits Misfits contains a mix of minion that have been historically popular in Rogue decks in Constructed play, such as Hench-Clan Thug and Tomb Pillager. It is an excellent card bucket for all decks and can often be picked if there are no better options available.
Tricks of the Trade Tricks of the Trade contains a good mix of spells with effects unique to the Rogue class, such as Mimic Pod, Hallucination, and Preparation. The bucket has some great spells available that work well with Pirate's Mark.


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