Rumble Run Zentimo Guide

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This guide is designed to aid you in defeating Zentimo in Rastakhan's Rumble Run. It goes into detail about how to defeat each of the Shrines and accompanying decks that the boss may use.


Krag'wa's Grace

Zentimo will use the Krag'wa's Grace Shrine when faced in 1 of the first 2 rounds of a Rumble Run. The Shrine is very hard to kill and provides a huge to discount to spells.

Krag'wa's Grace may seem like an intimidating Shrine initially. However, its Health is almost the same as the boss itself. For this reason the Shrine can be completely ignored unless you have hard removal available for it. Despite the Mana reduction, the boss does not chain together large amounts spells, making the encounter very manageable through standard gameplay.


Krag'wa's Lure

Zentimo will use the Krag'wa's Lure Shrine when faced in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th round. The Shrine provides Attack buffs for all friendly minions, including itself, when Mana is Overloaded.

The nature of the effect makes it incredibly important to removed the Shrine wherever possible, which is very easy to do with its low Health value. Although the encounter is quite straightforward, you should be ready for Feral Spirit and Rain of Toads when the Shrine is alive as minions spawned from these cards will be immediately buffed.


Tribute from the Tides

Zentimo will use the Tribute from the Tides Shrine when faced in the 6th, 7th, or 8th round of a Rumble Run. The Shrine has a very powerful effect of tripling all Battlecry effects.

The boss has a broad range of Battlecry minions to deal with all situations, such as Witch's Apprentices for spell generation and Jade Chieftain for big boards. Even if you kill the Shrine at every opportunity, having to deal with it every 3 turns is still very difficult and you should prepare for a long game. You should also be ready to deal with big minions in the form of Twilight Drake and Midnight Drake as well as keeping your Health topped up to stay out of range of Lifedrinker and Fire Elemental. Lastly, if the game goes on long enough, you should be ready for a powerful turn from Shudderwock, which will usually turn itself into a huge minion while flooding the board with smaller ones.



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