Rumble Run Wardruid Loti Guide

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This guide is designed to aid you in defeating Wardruid Loti in Rastakhan's Rumble Run. It goes into detail about how to defeat each of the Shrines and accompanying decks that the boss may use.


Bonds of Balance

Wardruid Loti will use the Bonds of Balance Shrine when faced in 1 of the first 2 rounds of a Rumble Run. The Shrine relies on having a large amount of Hero Attack damage to gradually turn itself into a powerful minion.

Bonds of Balance is one of the easier Shrines to play against. The Shrine is generally too slow to become a real threat, however, you should still take any opportunity you can to remove it while it still has a low Attack value. As long as you are able to keep multiple minions alive on the board, the Shrine should be straightforward to defeat.


Gonk's Mark

Wardruid Loti will use the Gonk's Mark Shrine when faced in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th round. The Shrine greatly empowers tokens by providing +1/+1 for every single minion that is summoned.

It is important to remove the Gonk's Mark Shrine as soon as possible as it can quickly get out of hand as the opponent plays Wispering Woods and Living Roots. It is important to note that the AI also runs big Beasts in the Shrine decks, such as Oondasta, Charged Devilsaur, and Ironhide Direhorn, so it is important to have a way to deal with big minions while keeping the small tokens in check.


Gonk's Armament

Wardruid Loti will use the Gonk's Armament Shrine when faced in the 6th, 7th, or 8th round of a Rumble Run. The Shrine is extremely powerful and fully refreshes all Mana Crystals when Armor is gained.

It is essential to remove the Gonk's Armament Shrine as soon as possible when playing against it as games will rapidly snowball out of control if it is left alive, even for one turn. You should try to hold back some removal spells throughout the game, especially when the Shrine is ready to respawn so that you are able to remove it immediately.



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