Rumble Run Priest Shrine Guide

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This guide is designed to aid you in Rastakhan's Rumble Runs. It goes into great detail about Shrine choices, Card Buckets, and Teammates to help you make optimal choices when forging an optimal deck throughout a Rumble Run.


Priest Shrines


Bwonsamdi's Covenant

Bwonsamdi's Covenant is a Shrine that turns healing effects into damage against enemies, turning healing cards into very powerful tools. If you pick this Shrine, you will start your Rumble Run with the following 10-card deck:

Priest Cards Neutral Cards

Bwonsamdi's Covenant is a powerful Shrine that allows you to use the healing of cards like Earthen Ring Farseer and Circle of Healing as strong removal options. Because of the damage caused by healing, you should have no issue instantly removing enemy Shrines as soon as they spawn. As most healing cards are cheap, you should avoid burning through them too quickly and save them exclusively for removing enemy minions instead. With the enemy board kept consistently clear, your minions on the board should be free to grind down your opponent's Health each turn.

When picking cards, you should prioritise the Healing cards bucket whenever it is available, focusing on some of the more expensive cards it offers like Hozen Healer and Darkshire Alchemist. As the healing from your Hero Power will be a very useful tool throughout the game, the Inspired by the Light cards bucket is also incredibly useful and you should look to pick up Justicar Trueheart, Prophet Velen, Clockwork Automaton, and Maiden of the Lake from it. Finally, you should look for some solid minions to round out your deck. Many of the options from Legends of the Light, Elementals, and Dying Words are great choices.

When choosing Teammates after your second and fourth win, you should pick Bloodwash Medic whenever it is available. The effect of your Shrine will make all healing spells generated from the Overkill incredibly useful. If that options is not available, Bwonsamdi's Keeper is a very solid second choice, as it will kill all enemy minions when combined with the Shrine.

If you manage to defeat the first 6 bosses, you will have the ability to upgrade your Shrine. There are no must-have options that greatly empower your Shrine. However, Favor of the Gods, Boon Reaper, and Pact with the Loa are all solid choices. Favor of the Gods is great for protecting your Shrine to make help keep its effect in play. Similarly, Pact with the Loa has a similar effect by minimising the time it stays dormant. Boon Reaper will help overcome the relatively low Cost of healing cards by refilling your hand if your Shrine dies, however, this is not necessary if you have drafted a relatively high-Cost deck.


Bwonsamdi's Sanctum

Bwonsamdi's Sanctum is a Shrine that will greatly empower your Deathrattle minions. It can cause a variety of knock-on effects based on the minions you have, such as card generation, flooding the board, and buffing minions. If you pick this Shrine, you will start your Rumble Run with the following 10-card deck:

Priest Cards Neutral Cards

Bwonsamdi's Sanctum offers immense value when used correctly, but as a low-Health Shrine, it can be incredibly difficult to protect. The benefit of empowering Deathrattle minions is that you can set up your minions in advance, ready to Trigger when your Shrine comes back to life. Because of your Shrine's vulnerability, it will often be beneficial to unnecessarily trade off your minions, to ensure they die while your Shrine is alive. You should do this for minions like Piloted Sky Golem, that will spawn many more minions, and Shifting Shade, that will provide you with multiple extra cards.

When choosing cards buckets, Dying Words should be your default choice as it contains all Deathrattle minions on offer. You should particularly look for cards like Carnivorous Cube, Crystalline Oracle, and Obsidian Statue that have very potent Deathrattle effects. Double Down is also an excellent secondary bucket to choose that can help duplicate your most powerful Deathrattles with cards like Mirage Caller, Vivid Nightmare, and Power Word: Replicate. You should also look out for N'Zoth, the Corruptor in the Legends of the Light and Army of the Dead buckets, which will provide your deck with an additional win condition if you pick it up. Lastly, you should try to round out your deck with some utility spells for when you do not have control of the board. All of the cards in the Wrath bucket are great choices for this.

After your second and fourth win, you will have the option to add a special Teammate minion to your deck. Ghastcoiler should be your highest priority as it will provide you with a full board of minions, similar to N'Zoth, the Corruptor, when combined with your Shrine. If Ghastcoiler is not available, Soulsapper and Weaponized Zombie are both excellent backup choices.

After 6 wins, you will have the ability to choose from a random selection of powerful Shrine upgrades. As your Shrine is so easy to kill, Pact with the Loa should be your first choice to bring your Shrine back as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can pick up the Roaring Edifice Shrine upgrade to give yourself a huge boost in tempo while your Shrine is dead. This can be especially powerful if you have picked up many high-value Deathrattles like Crystalline Oracle, Shifting Shade, and Carnivorous Cube.


Bwonsamdi's Tome

Bwonsamdi's Tome is a niche Shrine that can be very strong when used correctly. Each time a spell is played, it will add a new spell to your hand, allowing for huge miracle turns to be possible under the right circumstances. If you pick this Shrine, you will start your Rumble Run with the following 10-card deck:

Priest Cards Neutral Cards

Bwonsamdi's Tome is a Shrine that creates seemingly-infinite value as long as spells are played while the Shrine is alive. While this is very strong, it can be very hard to find all of the Mana to play out spells, especially if the Shrine generates high-Cost spells. To combat this, you should try to combine your Shrine with minions like Radiant Elemental and Conjuring Attendant. You should try and save up multiple minions to get an even larger reduction and duplicate them with spells like Vivid Nightmare and Power Word: Replicate wherever possible. With a huge reduction in place, you can usually play enough spells to win the game in a single turn. To do this, you should play out as many spells as possible for free, and using all damage spells like Mind Blast and Holy Smite directly on the boss. You should also try to use your removal spells as inefficiently as possible in this situation, to keep enough targets on the board for spells like Shadow Word: Pain and Shadow Word: Death. Lastly, you should stack all of your Health buffs on a single target that is able to attack. This will allow you to attack for a huge amount of damage if you get Inner Fire or Topsy Turvy.

When picking card buckets, your highest priority should always be picking Radiant Elemental from Elementals if it is offered. To pair with this you should look for cheap spells from the Wrath, Inner Strength, and Healing buckets. From these Divine Spirit and Inner Fire are particularly powerful as there will be a large amount of Health buffs generated from the Shrine to pair with them.

When choosing Teammates after your second and fourth victory, Conjuring Attendant should be always be your first pick as it has massive synergy in combination with Bwonsamdi's Tome. If that options is not available, you can choose Bloodwash Medic or Soulsapper for their card generation effects or Weaponized Zombie for early tempo.

Once you reach 6 wins in a row, you will have the opportunity to choose from 1 of 3 random upgrades for your Shrine. Sacred Ritual should be your first choice if offered, providing further synergy with Conjuring Attendant and Radiant Elemental. If this option is not available, you can choose Boon Reaper to cycle through your deck and set up your miracle turns faster. Lastly, if you have neither of these options, you can pick Everlasting Devotion or Pact with the Loa just to make sure you have a Shrine active as often as possible.


Priest Teammates

Teammate Comments
Bloodwash Medic Bloodwash Medic is a very strong Teammate, generating 3 spells each time it uses its Overkill effect. Although healing spells may not always be the most useful, they are especially powerful if you have the Bwonsamdi's Covenant Shrine as well.
Bwonsamdi's Keeper Bwonsamdi's Keeper is a very weak Teammate and has a Battlecry effect very similar to a Circle of Healing. However, when combined with Bwonsamdi's Covenant, it has the bonus effect of killing off all enemy minions, making it a solid pick with that Shrine.
Conjuring Attendant Conjuring Attendant is a very solid card that effectively has the the effect of 2 Radiant Elementals. While this is quite strong, it is not as spectacular as other Teammates, unless you are using Bwonsamdi's Tome.
Ghastcoiler Ghastcoiler is a very high-value card that summons 2 further minions with its Deathrattle effect. Even if it summons weak Deathrattle minions, as a 6 Mana 7/7, it is never weak. It is exceptionally powerful with Bwonsamdi's Sanctum and will create full board of Deathrattle minions when it dies.
Soulsapper Soulsapper is a reasonable Teammate overall. As it steals cards from the opponent's deck, it gives you an advantage when playing long games to fatigue. However, in shorter games, there are many better Teammate options available.
Weaponized Zombie Weaponized Zombie is a cheap teammate that has good stats for its Cost. As it is guaranteed to be in your opening hand, it can be used to help you through the early game if you have drafted a slow deck.

Card Buckets

After each victory, you will be offered a choice of 3 different card buckets that you can add to your deck. Each bucket contains 3 cards that fit a certain theme and will help shape your deck in different ways.

The table below contains a list of all the possible Priest card buckets. The comments section contains further details of each bucket and when to choose them.

Bucket Comments
Dying Words Dying Words contains a range of Deathrattle minions available for Priest, with some strong choices like Obsidian Statue and Carnivorous Cube. It can be used a filler for any deck and is essential when using Bwonsamdi's Sanctum.
Healing Healing contains all healing spells and minions available for Priest. The low tempo of healing effects should generally be avoided, however, this is an essential card bucket if you have Bwonsamdi's Covenant.
Inspired by the Light Inspired by the Light contains a range of cards themed around the Priest Hero Power. The bucket is quite weak overall but has a few strong cards like Prophet Velen and Confessor Paletress.
Double Down Double Down is a card bucket that is themed around stealing cards and duplicating minions. The bucket is quite weak overall, however, some duplicating effects can be very useful with Bwonsamdi's Sanctum and Bwonsamdi's Tome.
Elementals Elementals contains all Elemental minions available for Priest. It gains more value the more times it is picked, but has a lot of solid standalone minions like Ragnaros the Firelord, Lyra the Sunshard, Radiant Elemental, and Tar Creeper.
Inner Strength Inner Strength contains cards themed around buffing Health and Inner Fire combos in addition to a few minions like Eydis Darkbane and Djinni of Zephyrs. This bucket can generally be a avoided but the cheap spells are occasionally useful for Bwonsamdi's Tome.
Resilient Resilient contains a mix of minions and spells themed around buffing minions. Most of the minions are very reasonable and cards like Priest of the Feast and Kabal Talonpriest can fit into any deck.
Army of the Dead Army of the Dead contains a mix of minions and spells themed around resurrecting minions. The effects are really inconsistent as it is not possible to build a deck around them, so the bucket should be avoided.
Wrath Wrath contains all other Priest spells and contains a mix of single-target removal like Shadow Word: Death, Shadow Word: Pain, and Entomb and AoE spells like Lightbomb, Psychic Scream, and Mass Hysteria. The spells are all incredibly useful and the bucket can be used in any deck for added utility.
Legends of the Light Legends of the Light contains all possible Priest Legendary minions and a small handful of neutral Legendaries. This bucket can be picked up to add some late game for any deck.


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