Rumble Run Hex Lord Malacrass Guide

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This guide is designed to aid you in defeating Hex Lord Malacrass in Rastakhan's Rumble Run. It goes into detail about how to defeat each of the Shrines and accompanying decks that the boss may use.


Jan'alai's Flame

Hex Lord Malacrass will use the Jan'alai's Flame Shrine when faced in 1 of the first 2 rounds of a Rumble Run. The Shrine offers immense value in the right circumstances, allowing Fireblast to be used for free and resetting each time it kills a minion.

The Shrine itself can in theory be avoided most of the time with careful play. Leaving no minions on 1 Health will prevent the Hero Power from being reset most of the time, however, because the boss plays cards like Fallen Hero, Daring Fire-Eater, and Spirit of the Dragonhawk, things can easily go wrong. As precaution, you should prioritise killing the Shrine whenever you have minions on the board for it, but it can be completely ignored while you have no minions in play.


Jan'alai's Mantle

Hex Lord Malacrass will use the Jan'alai's Mantle Shrine when faced in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th round. The Shrine provides a huge amount of Spell Power that varies based on the number of spells in hand.

It is of the utmost importance to remove Jan'alai's Mantle as soon as possible each turn. The damage it causes can be catastrophic, clearing almost any board with Blast Wave or Arcane Explosion and burning through your Health very quickly with spells like Frostbolt and Cinderstorm.


Jan'alai's Progeny

Hex Lord Malacrass will use the Jan'alai's Progeny Shrine when faced in the 6th, 7th, or 8th round of a Rumble Run. The Shrine is capable of creating huge amounts of burst damage by creating free Frostfire spells by freezing targets.

When first playing against Jan'alai's Progeny, the Shrine seems relatively harmless, generating 1-damage spells. However, the deck contains many strong synergies with it, such as cards like Flamewaker. Additionally, if you allow your opponent to keep a full hand of Frostfire spells, you run the risk of being burst down from full Health by Malygos. To counter this Shrine, you should try to make sure it is consistently killed each time it respawns. Without the Shrine, the AI uses a very inefficient deck and will often run out of cards and be forced to throw away any Forstfire spells to stay alive.



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