Rumble Run Paladin Shrine Guide

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This guide is designed to aid you in Rastakhan's Rumble Runs. It goes into great detail about Shrine choices, Card Buckets, and Teammates to help you make optimal choices when forging an optimal deck throughout a Rumble Run.


Paladin Shrines


Shirvallah's Grace

Shirvallah's Grace is a Shrine that duplicates buff effects in a similar way to Djinni of Zephyrs. The Shrine can rapidly snowball out of control to become a huge minion that is almost impossible to kill. If you pick this Shrine, you will start your Rumble Run with the following 10-card deck:

Paladin Cards Neutral Cards

Shirvallah's Grace is a high-value Shrine that will increase in strength over time as you play spells on your minions. It is important to do everything in your power to keep your Shrine alive, preserving any buffs cast on it. Healing spells can be very useful for doing this as they will also duplicate their effect if cast on a minion, doubling card draw in the case of Lay on Hands and Flash of Light.

When picking cards, you will want to regularly choose the Reinforce bucket to give yourself a good supply of buff cards, especially prioritising it when Spikeridged Steed is available. However, if you do not manage to pick up any copies of Immortal Prelate from this bucket, you should also try to pick up some minions from your deck or you will have no targets for your buffs. Minions from the Healing bucket, such as Zilliax, The Glass Knight, Crystalsmith Kangor, and Wickerflame Burnbristle, are all excellent pick ups and are perfect targets for your buffs. You can also look toward the Magnetic and Teambuilding buckets, which contain many minions that summon multiple bodies to give your more targets to buff.

When choosing Teammates after your second and fourth win, you should pick The Walking Fort whenever it is available. Its powerful ability allows it to truly live up to its name and is a perfect target for your buffs. If that option is not available, you can pick Blessed One, which should always yield a big amount of card draw due to the large number of buffs in the deck. Alternatively, you can pick up Lightchucker, which is just a solid removal tool in combination with Paladin's natural healing from cards like Truesilver Champion.

If you manage to defeat the first 6 bosses, you will have the ability to upgrade your Shrine. Favor of the Gods is one of the two best choices, which will go a long way to helping you protect your Shrine. Everlasting Devotion is also incredibly strong, and will allow you to triple up on your buff effects. This is the strongest choice if you have multiple Spikeridged Steeds where Taunt minions will not protect your Shrine. The third strongest buff for Shirvallah's Grace is Fortified Spirit. The consistent healing effect combined with Health buffs will make your Shrine almost unkillable outside of hard removal.


Shirvallah's Protection

Shirvallah's Protection is an incredibly powerful Shrine that will continually provide your minions with Divine Shields if they survive damage, allowing them to trade over and over very efficiently. If you pick this Shrine, you will start your Rumble Run with the following 10-card deck:

Paladin Cards Neutral Cards

Shirvallah's Protection offers immense value and will provide your minions with Divine Shields when they survive damage, subsequently allowing them to survive damage a second time. Taunt minions are a great way to force your opponent to trigger this effect, while also protecting your Shrine, so you should always try to keep at least 1 Taunt minion in play at all times. To ensure your minions are able to survive damage initially to gain a Divine Shield, you should try to use minions with a large amount of Health. Using high-Health minions in combination with the Shrine should allow you to generate immense value while controlling the board to grind down all bosses.

When choosing card buckets, you should look for minions that will gain great benefit from the Shrine. The hand-buff effects contained in the Teambuilding bucket will allow you to create a multiple big minions per card that will often be able to gain multiple Divine Shields. Saronite Chain Gang is a particularly strong choice from the buckets due to also having Taunt. The Self-Sacrifice bucket also contains a few choices in the form of Injured Blademaster and Damaged Stegotron as their self-damage Battlecries will immediately provide them with a Divine Shield.

After your second and fourth win, you will have the option to add a special Teammate minion to your deck. The Walking Fort should be your first choice if it is available as its effect will allow it to gain 4 Divine Shields from Shirvallah's Protection before it is finally killed. If it is not available, you can pick Lightchucker as a second choice as a solid removal tool when used in combination with cards like Truesilver Champion. Alternatively, you can choose Parading Marshal to provide consistent control entering into the mid game.

After 6 wins, you will have the ability to choose from a random selection of powerful Shrine upgrades. Favor of the Gods is excellent in combination with Shirvallah's Protection as it will provide great protection for your Shrine and force your opponent to go through all of your minions first, triggering many Divine Shields in the process. Alternatively, you can pick Pact with the Loa or Everlasting Devotion to maximise the uptime of your Shrine to allow you to make use of its effect as much as possible.


Shirvallah's Vengence

Shirvallah's Vengeance is a strategic Shrine that rewards you for damaging yourself by inflicting massive damage onto your opponent. If you pick this Shrine, you will start your Rumble Run with the following 10-card deck:

Paladin Cards Neutral Cards

Shirvallah's Vengeance is a seemingly powerful Shrine whose high damage output can quickly dispose of early low-Health bosses. However, it will begin to struggle in the later stages of a Rumble Run where dealing 5 damage at a time becomes very insignificant. While your Shrine is alive, you should prioritise dealing damage to you in every way possible. This will usually involve Battlecries like Bloodclaw and Crystallizer, however, you still need to remember to continually hit enemy minions with your weapon as well. Cards like Mad Bomber have the potential to inflict huge amounts of damage, but will be very inconsistent. To add more consistency, you should try to manipulate the board before playing it, killing off as many minions as you can on both sides of the board to maximise the chance your Hero gets hit. As you will be dealing a not insignificant amount of damage to yourself, you should pay close attention to your Health, making full use of Healing effects as necessary.

When it comes to picking cards buckets, Self-Sacrifice should be your default choice. Picking cards like Bloodclaw, Missile Launcher, and Abomination will help you inflict significant damage. To complement it, you should also pick up multiple copies of the Healing bucket to make sure you have enough Health to keep damaging yourself. Picking up at least 1 copy of the Holy Arsenal bucket will also ensure you have enough weapons to consistently attack into enemy minions each turn. To round out your deck, you should try to pick up a few high-value minions, like those found in the Divine Legends bucket to help push through the last few bosses where your Shrine alone will not be enough damage to win.

When choosing Teammates after your second and fourth victory, Gloryseeker should be your first choice as it has a huge natural synergy with the Shrine. Alternatively, you can pick The Walking Fort to have some excellent protection for your Shrine. Lastly, Lightchucker is even stronger with Shirvallah's Vengeance as the additional healing needed to counter your self-damage will provide more opportunities to trigger its effect.

Once you reach 6 wins in a row, you will have the opportunity to choose from 1 of 3 random upgrades for your Shrine. Everlasting Devotion should be your first choice, allowing you to do double damage to your opponent every time your take damage. As bosses will heavily prioritise killing your Shrine, Pact with the Loa is also an excellent choice just to minimise the time you have to go without it. Lastly, Favor of the Gods can be picked just to provide your Shrine with additional protection.


Paladin Teammates

Teammate Comments
Blessed One Blessed one is a strong card-draw minion that can help refill you hand if you run out of steam. However, with the exception of Shirvallah's Grace, Paladin Shrines run minimal spells and the Battlecry will often not yield full value. Additionally, it will often just result in you reaching fatigue damage much faster, especially in the long drawn-out battles against later bosses.
Exactor of Justice Exactor of Justice is a solid pick for any deck. It will continually maintain a Divine Shield if it is able to Overkill minions, providing massive value. However, it has no synergy with any of the Shrines and is overshadowed by some of the more polarized Teammates.
Gloryseeker Gloryseeker is a pesky minion that can only be killed with hard removal. As your Hero takes damage in its place, it can be thought of as a 3-Attack weapon that can be swung in addition to your primary weapon. The additional damage the minion makes your Hero take is excellent in combination with Shirvallah's Vengeance.
Lightchucker Lightchucker is a good utility minion that effectively casts a Deadly Shot every time healing takes place. It can fit reasonably well into any deck due to the natural healing Paladin has from Truesilver Champion and Lifesteal minions.
Parading Marshal Parading Marshal essentially a Truesilver Champion and costs 1 less and spawns a 3/3 minion. As it is always drawn at the start of the game, it can be used to add early-game consistency to decks that utilise a lot of high-Cost cards.
The Walking Fort The Walking Fort is an incredibly powerful minion that is able to survive 4 attacks with its effect and can be used both defensively and offensively. It becomes even more powerful if it can be be healed or buffed and is an excellent choice for any deck.

Card Buckets

After each victory, you will be offered a choice of 3 different card buckets that you can add to your deck. Each bucket contains 3 cards that fit a certain theme and will help shape your deck in different ways.

The table below contains a list of all the possible Paladin card buckets. The comments section contains further details of each bucket and when to choose them.

Bucket Comments
Magnetic Magnetic contains all Mechs that Paladin can use. It has no synergy with any Shrines, but can provide you with a powerful Mech deck if you start consistently picking the bucket each round. Alternatively, it can sometimes be picked up purely for powerful minions like Zilliax and Shielded Minibot.
Healing Healing contains all healing spells and minions available for Paladin. The low tempo of healing effects should generally be avoided, but there are a few good standalone minions available like Zilliax, Wickerflame Burnbristle, and High Priest Thekal. An additional copy of this bucket may sometimes be required to make up for some of the damage taken when using Shirvallah's Vengeance.
Recruits Recruits contains a mix of spells built around creating and buffing Silver Hand Recruits. Much like the Magnetic bucket, it can be very strong if you consistently pick it every round. It can also sometimes be picked for Vinecleaver and Sunkeeper Tarim, which are solid for any deck.
Self Sacrifice Self Sacrifice contains a range of cards that deal damage to either your Hero or themselves. The cards in the bucket are very underwhelming on their own but are incredibly powerful if you have the Shirvallah's Vengeance Shrine.
Teambuilding Teambuilding houses a mix of minions and spells that can either buff all minions in your hand or greatly benefit from being buffed. Much like Magnetic and Recruits, it greatly increases in value the more it is picked. It also contains cards like Saronite Chain Gang, Doppelgangster, and Grimestreet Enforcer that are very reasonable on their own.
Reinforce Reinforce contains all of the Paladin buff spells available. Cards like Blessing of Kings and Spikeridged Steed are excellent additions to any deck. However, the remaining cards should only be picked if you are using the Shirvallah's Grace Shrine.
Holy Arsenal Holy Arsenal contains every Paladin weapon available. It is a good idea to pick this bucket at least once for any deck to give you some control of the board and should be prioritised for Val'anyr, Truesilver Champion, and Vinecleaver.
Dragons Dragons contains all Dragons available for Paladin. Much like other buckets, it can be very reasonable if you consistently pick this bucket each time, otherwise it should be avoided.
Secrets Secrets contain all Paladin Secrets in addition to synergies like Mysterious Challenger, Secretkeeper, and Masked Contender. The low-Cost of Paladin Secrets means this bucket is not sustainable for the longer battles in the later rounds and should always be completely avoided.
Divine Legends Divine Legends contains all possible Paladin Legendary minions and a small handful of neutral Legendaries. This bucket can be picked up to add some late game for any deck and you should try to get Tirion Fordring and Sunkeeper Tarim in particular.


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