Cheap Chromaggus Priest Deck (Heroic Mode)

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This deck can be used to defeat Chromaggus on Heroic Mode. The strategy of the deck is to stall the game by building huge Taunts, and eventually gain control of the game. This fight is extremely challenging, and requires some Hearthstone skill and strong decision making to defeat, so do not be surprised if it takes you multiple attempts to achieve victory.

Card List

Priest Cards
0 Circle of Healing Legacy 2
1 Holy Smite Legacy 1
1 Inner Fire Legacy 2
1 Northshire Cleric Legacy 2
1 Power Word: Shield Legacy 2
2 Divine Spirit Legacy 2
2 Shadow Word: Death Legacy 2
4 Auchenai Soulpriest Legacy 2
4 Holy Nova Legacy 2
6 Cabal Shadow Priest Legacy 2
6 Lightbomb GvG 1
Neutral Cards
3 Injured Blademaster Legacy 2
4 Mogu'shan Warden Legacy 1

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Chromaggus is an extremely tough fight, perhaps the hardest in the entire Blackrock Mountain expansion, and it will require excellent decision making, a strong deck, and a bit of luck to defeat. The biggest difficulty in this fight is in dealing with the Brood Affliction cards that you are given at the start of each turn.

The overall strategy of this deck is to stall for time with Deathlords, eventually creating huge minions with combinations of Divine Spirit and Inner Fire that are very difficult for Chromaggus to push through. You will want to mulligan early for Zombie Chow, and pieces of the Deathlord combo.

Cabal Shadow Priest is a key card in this fight, since it allows you to steal Chromaggus' Chromatic Dragonkin card, which the boss AI will fail to play around effectively once it is on your side of the board. He will recklessly continue to use spells, buffing your minion, and allowing you get consistent value out of it by healing it with Light of the Naaru and Circle of Healing.

As mentioned, managing the Brood Affliction cards is of utmost importance in the fight. The important cards to get rid of are the cards that grant discounts to his Minions and Spells. The cards that deal damage to you, or heal him, are less important, and the card that grants him extra copies of cards is in fact beneficial to hold, since he will quickly start to overdraw himself.