Cheap Emperor Thaurissan Priest Deck (Heroic Mode)

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This deck can be used to easily defeat Heroic-mode Emperor Thaurissan in Blackrock Mountain. It is very cheap, costing only 1,800 Arcane Dust to make, and contains only Priest cards. It relies on drawing your Lightwell early and then buffing their health so that they stay around for the whole game, providing you with the healing you need to survive.

It should also be noted that we used this deck to push Thaurissan to Fatigue, in order to get his entire card list.

Card List

Priest Cards
0 Circle of Healing Legacy 2
0 Silence Legacy 2
1 Holy Smite Legacy 2
1 Inner Fire Legacy 2
1 Northshire Cleric Legacy 2
1 Power Word: Shield Legacy 2
2 Divine Spirit Legacy 2
2 Lightwell Legacy 2
2 Shadow Word: Pain Legacy 2
2 Shrinkmeister GvG 2
3 Lightspawn Legacy 2
3 Velen's Chosen GvG 2
5 Temple Enforcer Legacy 2
6 Cabal Shadow Priest Legacy 2
Neutral Cards No neutral card

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The key card in this deck is Lightwell. If you do not have one to play on turn 2, simply concede and start over. Thanks to your many buffs (Velen's Chosen, Divine Spirit, Inner Fire, Dark Cultist, Temple Enforcer, etc.), your Lightwells will carry through the game.

Shadow Word: Pain is best used on Thaurissan's Imp Gang Boss, as it destroys the minion without damaging it, preventing the Imp from spawning. Holy Smite should be used to deal with low-health creatures like Flame Imp, Loot Hoarder, and Leper Gnome.

Power Word: Shield is to be used only on Moira, so that she can survive the damage from the Deathrattle of Unstable Ghoul, Abomination, and Death's Bite. The deck feature 2x Silences, which gives you more option to keep Moira alive, if you have not drawn into your Power Word Shield when Unstable Ghoul or Abomination is played.

You Shrinkmeister+Cabal Shadow Priest combo can be used to steal Moira, but only if you have buffed her out of range of Flamestrike or Death's Bite (so at least at 5 health). Stealing Moira is not required to win and you can steal other minions. Axe Flinger and Imp Gang Boss are good targets.